About Us

Evoc is a wind ensemble and was originally formed in 1975 by Stewart McCormack from serving members of The Royal Engineers Staff Band at Southwood Camp, Cove. 

The name Evoc was the idea of Lt. Col. Stan Patch and is Cove spelt backwards. Due to military service, its original members were scattered to the four corners of the globe and went into a period of suspended animation. 

After the millenium, enough members had returned to the local area to enable the group to reform. 

It now consists of civil and ex-military musicians playing flute, oboe, clarinets, bassoon and horns. Through their own endeavour and the help of two wonderful musical arrangers (George Pollen and Dennis Leese, both ex-Royal Engineers), a large library has been built up, giving the group a fine repertoire enabling them to play for almost any occasion.