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Participate, share, grow, wonder, laugh, sing, dance, create! 

AMORATION, a 501(c)3 project of the International Humanities Center, is hosted at the Media Fabricators complex located at 5067 W. Washington Blvd. in MidCity Los Angeles, two blocks west of LaBrea near I-10.  Our real world offices host new media productions, content development and interns working with Amoration to create groundbreaking educational media adventures with our local partners.


AMORATION was founded in 2004 as a project dedicated to finding and connecting key worldchangers. Our mission is to CREATE A CULTURE OF CONSCIOUS COMPASSION.

Evonne Heyning serves as Creative Director of AMO Studio, working in tandem with a team of creatives on four continents. Please email for more information on studio projects or future endeavors with Amoration. To make a gift visit Amoration @ IHCenter, our fiscal sponsor for global social venture programming. All proceeds from our studio sales and events fund projects like the Global PeaceTiles Project, our Better World Media series and the Camp Darfur Comix educational tools for kids. Join in the fun!


International Humanities Center

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How to Live Wiki

Camp Darfur


Bridges to Understanding


Catalytic Communities

Better World Island

Second Life

New Media Consortium

The Emancipation Network

Sunflower Childrens Foundation

In Kenzo Virtual Arts

Amoration Gallery

The Sugar Shack

Tree People

Common Vision

MidCity Neighborhood Council


NED & Five Minute Action Network

Life in Africa

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Life Home Project

Siam-Care Foundation 

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Integral Isle: IU

Atlas Service Corps


Zaadz Integral Pods

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