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A few moments of wisdom can create a lifetime of joy 

AMO Advisors come from every corner of the world. Some have fancy jobs and degrees others have nothing but their grassroots organizational skills and a heart for making the world a better place. Most of them will never meet, content to work in their niche and inform our projects like ManorMeta's Living Learning Lab.

To date we have had over three dozen AMO Advisors join us to assist with AI research, science and technology education, new media production, creative development, strategic planning and arts management. Many of our advisors now join us at ManorMeta in Second Life to continue the conversations.  Contact In Kenzo in Second Life or view her videoblog and avatar blog for more information on interactive teams inworld.

If you would like to offer your services as an AMO ADVISOR email Evonne Heyning, Creative Director of AMO Studio. To learn more about participating with our studio for future programming send an email along with bio or CV.  We are currently hiring for part time consultants in media and graphic arts along with ongoing internships and educational positions.

Click below to explore our Google Groups, partners and PositiveLove documentary, shot in Thailand for the Global PeaceTiles Project with the support of the Omidyar Network and a host of amazing HIV/AIDS care teams around the world. World AIDS Day is December 1st, share PositiveLove with a friend, and visit us on AMO Island in Second Life.

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