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1. NO SPAMMING: Please don’t spam radio stations and be respectful when requesting Evanescence songs. One of the reasons that our radio mob from the TOD era failed was due to some fans going out of bounds and harassing the system.

2. REQUESTING AN EV SONG: In addition to the above, if there are several of you planning to request an Evanescence song on the same radio station, make sure that you guys won’t request at the same time. Rather have 1 or 2 of you request at the same time, then the next person request in 10, 30 minutes or an hour later, etc. It would be just too obvious if a horde of Ev fans started requesting the song at the same time. It also doesn’t hurt if you guys request other songs (those that they play regularly) and flatter the djs .

3. BUYING MULTIPLE COPIES OF THE ALBUM/SINGLE [Digital & Physical Format]: Some of you folks might plan to buy the single and album multiple times, possibly for sales count. However, if you do so, please note that purchasing the same song on the same account will only count as 1. Same goes with albums (digital/physical), if you buy the album twice or more and are on the same transaction/receipt, it will only count as 1. Though, gifting them will count as separate copies. I will post more information about this...

ev_chick89 :
Since Twitter will more than likely be a big factor in this day in age in promoting bands. I would like to take some time to direct you to a few helpful hints when trying to make a Trending Topic on Twitter in support of Evanescence.

A few tips about tweeting with a hash tag on Twitter to help make a trending topic to promote Ev on Twitter.

1) Remember if you tweet something like this ” #Evanescence#Evanescence#Evanescence

It will be considered SPAM ! So only post the hash tag once per tweet

2) Also in order to contribute to the TT your profile cannot be set to private during your tweeting

3) If you put the hash tag at the end of your tweet it will not count.

So here’s an example:

Not acceptable: So excited #Evanescence <— no good cause it does not include any other character after the has tag

Acceptable: So excited #Evanescence is back ! Can't wait for the new album! <— adding characters after the hash tag is a MUST

5. IDEAS: If you guys have others ideas that would help promote Evanescence, please contact ev_chick89.