Eino Keskitalo's projects & links page

Hi. There's some stuff I've made or been involved in. Web 1.0 style. I do music, coding and write a bit.

===== Music =====

Some links to music I've made or was involved in making. Lately I've mostly been making video game music rearrangements on OverClocked ReMix, especially in competitions (hi People's ReMixing Competition) and album projects.

These days I use the Renoise tracker. I've also played in bands and made non vgm-related music on the computarrr.

Video Game Music Rearrangements

Video game music is aazum. It's fun to put your own spin on it, for reasons nostalgic and admirational.

  • My OCR artist page has all my OCR-approved individual mixes.
  • Some album projects with track not in the above (yet):
    • Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous - "Sanctuary", an epic trance mix of the temple theme, with Pleiade
    • The Game Duels EP has a track called "Kningjan Grailden", a combination of tunes from Knight 'n' Grail (C64) and Ninja Gaiden (XBOX)
    • Shell Shocked, a Turtles in Time/Hyperstone Heist album, with "Aim High", a rocking take on the High Score theme of the Genesis game, with Tuberz McGee. Rightly rejected from OCR as too liberal, will finish the revision some beautiful day..
    • "Damned from the Outset", a strange take on the Dracula theme from Super Castlevania IV (with Jorito, Tuberz McGee and XPRTNovice - from Vampire Variations III
  • My thasauce competition profile has some stuff, usually pretty half-baked.

I have some Renoise project files for these linked here.

Other music

Some links to other musical output of mine. Some may be a bit embarrassing but hey whatever.

  • I rearranged the NGI theme for The NGI EP (2014).
  • I made the music for a friend's game jam game Road Trip (2012-06-09)
  • The music between battles in the original Air Buccaneers UT2004 mod was made by me & Anssi Laiho. (2004) I first wrote the demo for Ludocraft, then it was arranged & produced with (and mostly, by) mr. Laiho. Good times!
  • I've uploaded some of my really old (circa 1997-2002) tracker music to Mod Archive.
  • A few studio demo tracks by our old band Claudius here. The album art is great!

===== Coding =====

I guess github has all my relevant contributions. I'm a Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup developer (but not so active in recent years). Check out KiiGame Adventure Engine!

===== Other stuff =====

  • Pelikapseli is a Finnish retro gaming webzine(?) that ran in 1999-2006. I wrote for it and was the editor for a couple of years.
  • I have a twitter account.