Other Signs In The Quran

More Proofs The Quran Is From GOD

In addition to the Quran's extraordinary mathematical composition, we find a large number of facts which are proven or theorized by modern science. Here are just a few examples of such advanced scientific information not known to humans until many centuries later:

  1. The earth is egg-shaped (39:5, 79:30)
  2. The earth is not standing still; it moves constantly (27:88).
  3. The sun is a source of light, while the moon reflects it (10:5, 25:61, 71:16)
  4. The proportion of oxygen diminishes as we climb towards the sky (6:125).
  5. Elemental Iron (Fe) is Extra-terrestrial. It did not come from Earth or our solar system. It Forms in the core of White Dwarf Supernovae.(57:25).
  6. The "Big Bang Theory" is confirmed (21:30).
  7. The "Expansion of the Universe Theory" is confirmed (51:47).
  8. The universe started out as a gaseous mass (41:11).
  9. Sun in it's own orbit meaning the entire galaxy is orbiting the galaxy. (36:40)
  10. Evolution is a fact; within a given species, evolution is a divinely guided process (21:30, 24:45, 32:7-9, 18:37, 15:28-29, 7:11, 71:13-14).
  11. The man's seminal fluid decides the baby's gender (53:45-46).
  12. Matter & Atoms: The Ultimate Illusion
  13. Photosynthesis: The green chloroplasts responsible for converting light energy into food.(6:99)

These are just a few examples. See more by opening the drop menu on the sidebar where it says  'Other Miracles Of Quran'

Remember, the Quran was revealed from 610 to 632 A.D., long before any of the above scientific facts were even discovered.  Equally miraculous is the absence of any nonsense in the Quran. This is particularly significant in view of the dominance of ignorance and superstition at the time of revelation of the Quran.

May GOD bless you with guidance to recognize the truth when you see it.