1974: A Prophesy Fulfilled

1974: A Prophesy Fulfilled

The momentous discovery that “19” is the Quran's common denominator became a reality in January 1974, coinciding with Zul-Hijjah 1393 A.H. The Quran was revealed in 13 B.H.(Before Hijrah). This makes the number of years from the revelation of the Quran to the revelation of its miracle 1393 + 13 = 1406 = 19x74. As noted above, the unveiling of the Miracle took place in January 1974. The correlation between 19x74 lunar years and 1974 solar years could not escape notice. This is especially uncanny in view of the fact that “19” is only mentioned in sura 74.

TIME LINE: Lunar Calendar Date = above timeline,      II = Year 0 of the Lunar calendar                                                        Solar  Calendar Date = below timeline        II = Year 0 of the Solar calendar

                                                                   Quran Revealed                                Miracle Revelaed

            Lunar                                           13 B.H.   0                                                1393 A.H   


             Solar      0                                       610 AD                                                       1974 AD

Think about this for a moment. Solar and lunar calenders are not in unison, they are on a different time scale. For example, for every 100 solar years, 103 lunar years have elapsed.  

100 Solar Years  =  103 Lunar Years

 Why is this important? Since, time on lunar and solar calenders are traveling at different rates the miracle could not have been revealed at any other date except 1974. Here is why.


Solar year 1973 corresponds to Lunar year 1392. This means the Quran was revealed (13 BH +1392 AH = 1405) 1405 Lunar years earlier. However, 1405 is NOT a multiple of 19.  As well, 19 x 73 = 1387 Lunar years which corresponds to Solar year 1954, which is incorrect.

                                                    1973 A.D        

Solar Year  ---------------------------ll-----------  

Lunar Year -------------------ll-------------------

                                         1374 A.H.


Solar year 1975 corresponds to Lunar year 1394. This means the Quran was revealed (13 BH +1394 AH = 1407) 1407 Lunar years earlier. However, 1407 is NOT a multiple of 19.  As well, 19 x 75 = 1425 Lunar years which corresponds to Solar year 1992, which is incorrect.


                                                              1975 A.D        

Solar Year  ---------------------------ll--------------  

Lunar Year -------------------------------------ll----

                                                                  1412 A.H. 



Solar year 1974 corresponds to Lunar year 1393 which is exactly 1406 Lunar years ( 13 b.h. + 1393 a.h =1406) from the revealing of Quran to the revealing of it's miracle. As well, 1406 = 19 x 74.  In addition, the number 19 is ONLY MENTIONED in Sura 74.

                                                               1974 A.D        

Solar Year  ---------------------------ll--------------     

Lunar Year ---------------------------ll--------------

                                                     1393 A.H.

Dr. Rashad Khalifa did not have any knowledge that his curiosity regarding the meaning of the alphabet letters that initialize 29 chapters of the Quran would end up with the discovery of its mathematical system. His computerized study that started in 1969 gave its fruits in 1974 by the discovery of the 14 century old SECRET.

If the Code 19 was going to provide strong evidence for the authenticity of the Quran, then it is reasonable to expect that the identity of the discoverer and the time of the discovery would not be coincidental. Indeed, the events have demonstrated a prophetic design in the timing of this miraculous mathematical design.

It is an undisputed fact that the number 19 is mentioned only in a chapter called “The Hidden,” the 74th chapter of the Quran. Juxtaposing these two numbers yields 1974, exactly the year in which the code was deciphered. (1) If you multiply these two numbers, 19×74, you will end up with 1406, the exact number of lunar years between the revelation of the Quran and the discovery of the code. Adding to this prophetic mathematical design, is the fact that the derivatives of the name of the discoverer, RShD (guidance), occurs in the Quran exactly 19 times. (2) The relationship between the following five elements, in my opinion, is more than interesting.

* The mathematical code (19).
* The number of the chapter mentioning the code (74).
* The year of the discovery of the code (1974).
* The number of lunar years between the revelation of the Quran and the year of the discovery (19×74).
* The frequency of derivatives of discoverer’s name, RShD, in the Quran (19).

The first two verses of Chapter 74 is about the revealing of the secret:

1. O you hidden one,
2. Come out and warn!

It is interesting that if we consider one version of spelling the first word, which contains three Alifs instead of two, (3) the number of letters in these two verses are 19. More interestingly, when we add the numerical values of each letter in these two verses the sum is a very familiar number.
Here is the value of each letter:

Y = 10
A = 1
A = 1
Y = 10
H = 5
A = 1

A = 1
L = 30
M = 40
D = 4
TH = 500
R = 200

Q = 100
M = 40

F = 80
A = 1
N = 50
Z = 700
R = 200

Total: 1974

1974, exactly the year when the hidden secret was discovered!

At the right time, we will produce for them a creature, made of earthly materials, (4) declaring that the people are not certain about our revelations/miracles. The day will come when we summon from every community some of those who did not believe in our revelations/ miracles, forcibly. When they arrive, He will say, “You have rejected My revelations/miracles, before acquiring knowledge about them. Is this not what you did?” They will incur the requital for their wickedness; they will say nothing. (27:82-85)