Mathematical Miracle Of Quran

In 1974, with the advent of the computer age, it was discovered that an ancient document contained a super-advanced mathematical code. This magnificent piece of literature is mathematically structured to the prime number 19 in a way that is far beyond any human or computer ability that we know of, let alone 1400 years ago. In addition, this same “19-based” math structure was found in the few remaining intact fragments of another document that is 1,800 years older in a completely different language. Let us put this information into perspective.

  • Two different documents. (one complete ,one fragmented)
  • Separated by approx. 1,800 years.
  • Written in two completely different languages.
  • Both contain an identical mathematical structure based on the same prime number '19'.
  • And nobody knew about it until it was revealed in 1974 with the aid of computers [see 27:82].

If the math structure is beyond human ability (which you will see below that it is) and it is found in two separate literary works separated by 1,800 years, this can mean only one thing. These documents must have come from the same source (author). This source would need to be present during both time periods. Humans do not live that long. Therefore, the author of these documents is not bound by the constraints of space-time in this universe. The author must be GOD. These documents are the few remaining intact fragments of the original Hebrew Torah (Old Testament) and the complete Quran. Strangely, the vast majority of the Islamic world has rejected this incredible math miracle. In the Quran, GOD Himself refers to the math miracle as "[74:35] One of the great miracles." The question is why would they reject such powerful evidence that the very scripture they possess is irrefutably a revelation from GOD? That is a very good question.

Remember, if you are sincerely seeking the truth, it will not matter where the truth comes from, only that it is the TRUTH with proof. Verify all information for yourself.