Refuting The Critics

The Truth Prevails:

Refuting All The Lies About Submission, The Math Miracle, & GOD's Messenger Of The Covenant That Are Promoted Online By The Enemies Of GOD.

When the Americans landed on the Moon in 1969 and brought back 21 kilograms of moon rocks, a prophesy in the Quran was fulfilled. The uncanny evidence is so precise that is pinpoints this prophetic event right down to the very second they fired their rockets and left the planet with parts of the moon on board (see prophesy here). This proved beyond a shred of doubt that:

  • The Quran is of divine origin.
  • 54:1 refers to the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to the moon.

However, the very next verse states a miracle will be revealed to the world immediately following this event. Therefore, the 1969 moon landing was, in fact, a precursor to a miracle that will be rejected by the people as ‘old magic’. Consequently, they became disbelievers, followed their own opinions and stuck to their old traditions. Remember, messengers of GOD always come with miracles as credentials.

[54:1] The Hour has come closer, and the moon has split.
[54:2] Then they saw a miracle; but they turned away and said, "Old magic."
[54:3] They disbelieved, followed their opinions, and adhered to their old traditions.

Religious traditions that this very miracle would prove are satanic innovations and have nothing to do with GOD. This is exactly what Jesus told the Jews, what Muhammad told the Christians, and Jews, and now what GOD’s messenger of the covenant (3:81, 5:19, 98:1-4) told the Muslims. Rejection of GOD, His proofs, and His human messengers is nothing new. It is a historical, Biblical, and Quranic fact that people ALWAYS reject authorized messengers and the news they bring from GOD. This is GOD’s system and His system never changes (17:73-77).

Within 5 years, in 1974, this great miracle was revealed to the world through GOD’s messenger of the covenant, Rashad Khalifa. And it ushered in a new era in religion. For the first time in history, we have been given tangible, irrefutable proof that the Quran is the complete, unaltered Word of our Creator. The ONE who made the heavens, the earth, and everything in between. The ONE who is in complete control of every single atom that exists. The All-knowing, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, GOD Almighty. The Quran itself refers to this proof as ‘one of the great miracles’ for those who wish to advance or regress in this life (74:35-37). It is the mathematical miracle of 19 which GOD embedded into the Quran.

The most outspoken objectors of GOD’s great miracle are the Muslim scholars. The very people whom you would expect to embrace the math miracle are its greatest critics. Even though, it proves the divine origin of the very book they possess (Quran), they refuse to believe. However, if they truly upheld the Quran and studied it, they would accept the great miracle (74:35). However, they do not follow the Word of God (Quran), but rather, the words of men (Buhkari’s Hadith & Sunnah) . Why? Because Islam today is Muhammad-centric, instead of GOD-centric. Hence, idolatry has crept into Islam. Consequently, their minds are blocked and prevented from understanding the Quran because they believed, then disbelieved (63:1-3).

Knowing God’s unchangeable system, and the consistent rejection of GOD, His miracles, and His human messengers, it is not surprising the enemies of God vehemently attack the truth with blatant falsehood, cunning deceit, and the most absurd, yet eloquent lies imaginable. For example, they claim he declared himself the last prophet, and that eating pork is okay. This is a blatant lie. They claim he was a Coptic Christian whose real name was Richard Khalif. Another absurd lie. They claim he invented an entirely new religion. Yet, another lie. These are all gross fabrications. They even went so far as to call him a sexual deviant without any evidence! Although, this too is not unexpected from the rejecters. In fact, the Jews called Jesus a sexual deviant. The Christians called Muhammad a sexual deviant. Now, the Muslims call Rashad Khalifa a sexual deviant. History repeats itself.

Listed below are the key cunningly deceitful arguments used by the rejecters in an attempt to discredit and conceal the proven truth about GOD, Submission (Islam), HIS great math miracle, and HIS authorized messengers. Each argument has been refuted with sound logic, and solid historical and Quranic facts. Just click on any argument in the list below to see the rebuttals. To see the truth prevail. Whatever argument the rejecters come up with, GOD provides a stronger argument and a better understanding (25:33). GOD erases the falsehood and affirms the truth with His words (42:24).

If you have taken the time to go through these rebuttals, you will have discovered that the Muslims scholars have absolutely no solid basis whatsoever for their erroneous claims against the math miracle or GOD’s authorized messenger. In fact, their so-called ‘supporting evidence’ is either from the very fabrications that are condemned, by name, in the Quran (hadith & sunnah), or by selective emphasis of poorly translated verses, taken completely out of context. In fact, this is why the corrupted muslims rarely show the Quranic verses just before and after the ones they are using in their deceietful arguments. They know they will be exposed. The Submitters, on the other hand, will always show the consecutive verses because we advocate the truth, while they conceal it knowingly. It is GOD’s plan to support the truth against falsehood, in order to defeat it (18:56, 21:18, 40:5). This is the reason the rejecters are so relentless in their plight to fight GOD’s math miracle, and His messengers. They hate the truth because it exposes their hypocrisy and disbelief in the Quran, just like 74:31 said it would.

[4:89] They wish that you disbelieve as they have disbelieved, then you become equal.

There are other groups of rejectors that are more cunning in their attempts to discredit the truth. They do not attack the math miracle, but rather, the messenger whom GOD revealed it through. Hence, they accept the Quran only partially. They seek to follow a path in between. These groups consist of intellectuals who use verses of the Quran to extract a different meaning, to suit their opinions. They are very articulate and use eloquent wording to promote their opinions as the truth. They believe they have the correct understanding of the Quran and want people to follow their opinions wholeheartedly. Ironically, they discredit the messengers teachings as fabricated hadith; another source besides Quran. Yet, they relentlessly promote their teachings through articles, brochures, websites, and books. The key is look past their cloak of eloquence to see their root agenda, which is:

  • Believe in the Quran alone
  • Believe in the math miracle
  • Believe in the Messenger of the covenant BUT DO NOT trust a word that comes out of his mouth. It is all fabricated Hadith.
  • INSTEAD, trust our scholarly opinions. It is NOT hadith. We know better than GOD and His messengers. We will guide you in the straight path.

As you can see, when you look at all words in light of the Quran, the truth becomes crystal clear. The math miracle is real, and Rashad Khalifa was the Messenger of the Covenant.

Peace & GOD Bless