Direction of Qiblah from North America

For a long time, people have been debating whether the Qiblah (in Mecca, S.A.) is North East or South East from North America. The Messenger of the Covenant stated very clearly on video (see video sermon section) that Mecca is East slightly South from Tucson, Arizona. This should be enough for Submitters. However, some still have difficulty accepting this and hold onto this relatively modern North East belief. A belief invented as a result of the 1973 OPEC oil Crisis.  Well, here are copies of letters from the experts explaining very clearly that if you want to face the Qiblah from North America, you will look in the direction of South East. This confirms exactly what the messenger of the covenant said when he purified the contact prayers (salat) of religious corruption.

The following expert letters are from Astrophysics Canada, the Arab Institute of Navigation, the University of British Colombia Geology & Geography departments, Concordia University, McMaster University Geography department, McGill University Geography department, and Laval University.  Please click on any of the letters below.