DNA: Doing The Math

Advanced Science in Quran

In addition to the Quran's extraordinary mathematical composition, we find a large number of facts which are proven or theorized by modern science. Here are a few examples of such advanced scientific information not known to humans until many centuries later:

  1. The earth is egg-shaped (39:5, 79:30)
  2. The earth is not standing still; it moves constantly (27:88).
  3. The sun is a source of light, while the moon reflects it (10:5, 25:61, 71:16)
  4. The proportion of oxygen diminishes as we climb towards the sky (6:125).
  5. Elemental Iron (Fe) is Extra-terrestrial. It did not come from Earth or our solar system. It Forms in the core of White Dwarf Supernovae.(57:25).
  6. The "Big Bang Theory" is confirmed (21:30).
  7. The "Expansion of the Universe Theory" is confirmed (51:47).
  8. The universe started out as a gaseous mass (41:11).
  9. Sun in it's own orbit meaning the entire galaxy is orbiting the galaxy. (36:40)
  10. Evolution is a fact; within a given species, evolution is a divinely guided process (21:30, 24:45, 32:7-9, 18:37, 15:28-29, 7:11, 71:13-14).
  11. The man's seminal fluid decides the baby's gender (53:45-46).
  12. Matter & Atoms: The Ultimate Illusion
  13. Photosynthesis: The green chloroplasts responsible for converting light energy into food.(6:99)