Non-Degree Education

2003-2004: Exchange Master Student (Israel-Japan)
   University of Tsukuba
   Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering
   Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies
   Intelligent Robot Laboratory
   Tsukuba, Japan.
   Research topic: "Sensor-based robot navigation in a maze"
1992-1995: Bachelor of Science
   Volgograd Technical University
   Automation of Production Processes
   Mechanical Engineering Faculthy
   Volgograd, Russia
Stopped the education due to immigration to Israel in 1995.
1991: Exchange high school student (USA-USSR)
   DeVillbiss High School
   Toledo, Ohio state, USA
As one of the best high school students, was chosen to participate in US-USSR High School students exchange program.
Awarded with an honor high school diploma and a letter of honor from John Glenn, United States senator.