About Me

I was born in Russia and immigrated alone to Israel while being 20 years old. Full of energy and ambitions I learned Hebrew language and got accepted to the Technion - Institute of Technology (Israel) - a top-level technical university ranked as No.25 in the world in Engineering & IT by Academic Ranking of World Universities (2007). I completed Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science (2002) and Master degree in Applied Mathematics (2006). Focus of my research interests was Sensor-Based Robot Navigation and Path Planning in 2D environment; both topics dealt with algorithm and simulation development.
During my studies at the Technion Institute I have experienced “aggressive research style” and recognized how exciting and stimulating scientific research can be! At that time in addition to my main research I took part in several research project, including Image Processing, Object Recognition, Robot Navigation, and actively participated in student teaching. First as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty  then as a teaching assistant in charge at the Computer Science Faculty and finally as a lecturer in charge at ORT Hermelin College of Engineering in Netanya.
While doing my Master degree, I got very interested in a research projects running in Japan - the true motherland of robotics. I succeeded to get an international grant of International Education Scholarship (Japan) for a six month student exchange and was happy to join Intelligent Robot Laboratory of Professors Shinichi Yuta, Takashi Tsubouchi and Akihisa Ohya at the University of Tsukuba. After coming back to Israel and completing Master Thesis, I was invited by Professor Shinichi Yuta to continue my education in his laboratory in Japan.

Rescue robotics was chosen as a topic for my PhD project at the University of Tsukuba, which was sharing No.151-200 rank with other top level universities in Academic Ranking of World Universities by the year of my graduation in 2011
. I was especially interested in path planning in 3D debris environment and software development of the assistant pilot system for rescue robot teleoperation, where I could apply my knowledge, creativity and innovative approach to the problem.
After a successful PhD defense where my research results were praised as "a pioneering research in 3D navigation" by the committee referees, I had a Postdoc Fellowship at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. In 2013-2014 I worked as a 
Research Associate at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, the best applied robotics laboratory in UK, and at Computer Science Department of
In 2014-2016 I worked as a founder, a Professor and the Head of Intelligent Robotic Systems Laboratory at Innopolis University which is the first Russian university with a focus on advanced Computer Science and its applications.

Currently I am working as a 
and a founder, a Professor and the Head of Intelligent Robotic Systems Laboratory at Kazan Federal University which is one of the top 10 
Russian universities 
and the second oldest university in