Seeking To Unveil The God Given GLORY OF EVE And All Her Daughters 

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 An Effort Endorsed By MANY MIRACULOUS EVENTS Year After Year!
Events Shown Below Which  Dumbfounded The Author And Reveal God's Great Interest In The Subject!

"The woman is THE GLORY of the man." (1 Cor 11:7 KJV)


 "If a woman have LONG HAIR, it is a GLORY TO HER: for her hair is given her INSTEAD OF A VEIL" 
(1 Cor
5 Greek Bible)


The Glory Of Adam


Veiling Of Ancient 
Greeks And Pagans Entered Christianity And Islam

Ancient Veiled Greek Dancers


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Although Apostle Paul speaking to the Greeks advocated woman was both made for man and the glory of man, said woman thus should have liberty on her head with the angels, and said her long hair is a glory and given instead of a veil, sadly somehow pagan veiling still entered Christianity.  Interestingly Paul writing to the Greeks the second time spoke of a VEIL of darkness being removed and  advocated all should come before God with an unveiled face.  
(1 Cor 11:7-10&15  2 Cor 3:16&18)
(Greek Bible Clarifies)

Fully Unveiled 
Display Honorably 
Described In The Bible

Song of Songs 6:13-7:5 

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"Return, return, O Shulammite; Return, return, that WE may look upon thee. Why will ye look upon the Shulammite, As upon the DANCE of Mahanaim? How beautiful are THY FEET with shoes, O prince’s daughter! the JOINTS OF THY THIGHS are like jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workman. THY BODY is like a round goblet, THY WASTE is like a heap of wheat set about with lilies. THY TWO BREASTS are like two fawns That are twins of a roe. THINE HEAD upon thee is like Carmel, and the HAIR OF THINE HEAD is like purple; the king is held in the galleries".

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Our World's Traditions Founded On Truth Or Barbarians?  

Our religious world and society certainly has an 
appalling history regarding beauty, veiling, and sexuality. One certainly has much reason to ask how it suddenly can be trusted now.

In quite recent American history, sexuality was considered 
UNHEALTHY by prominent doctors. This is clearly shown in old medical books. Further sexuality was considered as only moral for honest and serious reproduction efforts. Thus if practiced effectively and efficiently a once per child event, an event so rare as good as none. 

In this confusion and negative view of sexuality
condoms were made illegal in America and laws passed to confiscate them in the mail.  And to top it all off, incredibly at the same time massagers with special prod attachments were being invented for supposed medical treatments for women.  To bizarre to be true, just research it.  

This grievous ignorance stems back to popular ancient 
teachers who are counted as Christian Church Fathers.  These  teachers, grievously shamed marriage and all sexuality. These not only significantly disallowed marriage but also sought to  basically disallow all sexuality in marriage. Apostle Paul actually spoke of disallowing marriage as the doctrine of Devils, and further had Paul disallowed sex in marriage as these, he instead of declaring it better to marry than burn would have declared it better to stay away from marriage than burn.  T
hese also barbarously advocated women's  faces should be veiled, too often making that which God intended to be the glory of man appear as monsters.

The above barbarous anti sex and beauty teachings are fully 
inexcusable and stand in sheer contradiction to Biblical sexual manners in old times. Yet they have sadly misshaped our world. The Bible specifically states that God gave King David (the man after God's own heart) his multiple wives. Further, when King David was old and feeble and almost to die, as an effort to revive their King the Jews sought the most beautiful young women in the land to lie in David's bosom and be as another wife for their beloved King. No wonder Apostle Paul counted disallowing marriage as from devils. Regarding displays of feminine beauty, famous Queen Esther actually replaced a displeasing QUEEN who had refused to come forth to SHOW HER BEAUTY to the Kings guests. Even further, it is quite possible that the fully unveiled feminine display honorably spoken of in the Bible was more than just a private show.  Although God in the beginning created Eve as a beautiful flower and as an unobstructed and splendid flower brought her to Adam, and although a show of fully unveiled beauty is spoke of with honor in our Bibles, many in our day barbarously classify radiant and serene displays of Eve's perfect beauty the same as vile displays encouraging gross male with male anal sex, painting it all with the dirty word PORNOGRAPHY (fornication graphics). Certainly the special beauty God gave Eve and her daughters is not the same as the other, and has the concept never passed through these people's minds that seeing and realizing the best beauty of flowers, certainly can make a good man more highly esteem all feminine flowers in God's creation, and to have greater appreciation and affection for his own flower even if faded.

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It often is not the amount of skin or exposure that offends 
and might make some people cry foul, but it is how beautiful, alluring, 
and enthralling the display might be.

Samson with Delilah and Adam and Eve,  
in left photo

Has Many Forms 

Massagers  As
Medical Treatments

The Hydro Massage 
Treatment Of About 1860

Nude Religious Art 
In Catholic Cathedrals


Fully unveiled above 
But not below



The Authors 
Efforts Endorsed By
Many Amazing Signs!

Amazing Tears At Amazing
 Scriptures In The Authors Bibles!

An Amazing Fire 
At An Amazing Time!

A Whale's Bizarre Show Of 
Delight After Being Set Free From A 
Dreadful Net On Valentine's Day!
Occurred 4 Days After The 
Above Flame!

The Author Has Encountered 
Many More Incidents With An Endorsing Message!

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Manmade Laws And Manmade Sin
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Manmade Laws and Sin

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The Authors 
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Many Amazing Signs!

A Buck Deer With Both 
Back Legs Broken At Mating Season 
Amazingly Shows The Sexual Pain 
Feminine Veiling.

Dirt Residue In The Bathtub  Becomes Very Beautiful,  And  At 
A Very Meaningful Time.  Making The Author Exclaim, "I did not know dirt could be so beautiful!".

A Huge Rock Gives A Warning 
Message In An Amazing Way And  At An Amazing Time!

The Author Has Encountered 
Many More Incidents With An Endorsing Message!

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