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Ultima IV

Ultima IV Walkthrough/FAQ

Version 1.0.0 4/22/2000 copyright Andrew Schultz

Ultima IV copyright Origin and Richard Garriott(Lord British) 1985

Please do not redistribute this for profit without my prior consent.  
Although I cannot presume it is the best Ultima IV Walkthrough/FAQ out 
there(it was my first try at a FAQ), and Ultima is one of my favorite 
all-time games, this took considerable effort on my part.  However, if 
you contact me with a specific question(i.e. mention this game), I will 
probably let you display it.

This FAQ and others can be located from my classic Apple gaming page


I prefer to be a mage.  It allows you to buy a magic wand and start in 
Moonglow, where you can go directly to Britain and accumulate levels 
rapidly.  To be a mage simply select "A" every time at the start.  
However, the virtues are pretty much embedded in each question, so it 
shouldn't be too hard to become whatever you want to be.

The eight virtues are as follows:
Virtue,principle(s),stone color,profession,party member 
Spirituality,TLC,White,Ranger,Shamino,Skara Brae,Hythloth,OM
Humility,0,Black,Shepherd,Katrina,Magincia,(Stygian Abyss),LUM
Honor being below sacrifice seems a slight glitch, as does "destard" 
instead of "dasterd."  Note Blue=(T)ruth, yellow=(L)ove, red=(C)ourage.  
Also when you use stones at an altar of XX, use each stone whose virtue 
contains XX.  So for love, use yellow, green, orange, and white.

I will assume that the walkthrough starts in Moonglow.  If not, you can 
get there pretty easily.

Right away, pick up the rune under the chest Mariah is guarding.  Then 
go to Lord British's castle via the moongate(Britannia=1st phase-see 
below for rapid moongate travel) and visit him;  you'll get a level.  
Then search for the spirituality rune in the treasure chamber before 
heading to Britain to pick up the compassion rune at the end of the 
hallway.  Back to Lord British to pick up yet another level, and you're 
just starting!  Whatever you do, be sure not to pick up two levels at 
once.  That allows you only one increase of your attributes for two 
levels gained.  Of course, you can break this walkthrough any time to 
see Lord British.  It's also good to break the walkthrough in order to 
buy reagents, go back to Lord British for healing, etc., or to gain 
experience/gold(see below).  Use your judgement.

Anyway, you're up to level 4 and have barely had to raise a finger.  Get 
a sling in Britain and go south to Paws, where you find the rune of 
humility in the southwest mountain before trekking to Trinsic-rune of 
honor, the fifth one, southwest corner behind the poison fields.  Be 
sure to have a cure or dispell spell handy.  Then go to where the 
moongate is(south across the river) and go back to Moonglow when you 
have the chance-while you're at it, plan ahead and pick up a few dispel 
spells.  Overpay the blind lady selling reagents as well.  Then search 
the spot where you are teleported when both moons are in their first 
phase and the gate is up.  Bravo!  Wait a bit, then jump out and in to 
get back to Britain.  You should be level 5 by now;  go see Lord 
British.  Next stop is Yew-get there by walking or the gate(Yew is just 
southeast in the forest).  Rune of Justice is in the northwest corner of 
Yew, in the felon's prison.  From there go to Jhelom via the moon-gate.  
In the southeast corner tower, you'll find the rune of valor.  But 
you'll need those dispel spells prepared for the lightning fields.

The pesky rune of sacrifice is last, but there's something even better 
first.  Pick it up by going from Jhelom to Moonglow and looking north to 
the Lycaeum.  In the library, search for the BOOK OF TRUTH.  Cut back to 
Britain via the moongate(dropping in on Lord British if need be) and 
then to Minoc.  The rune of sacrifice is in the forge-dispell is OK to 
use here.

You should have 800 experience from the runes and 400+200 for the book 
and stone, respectively, now.  With 100 original points and beating 100 
points of monsters, that'll put you at level 6.  You can get more points 
for other items, but soon or later you'll have to start having to be a 
decent person or something.  How to do it without wasting time?

First use a blood-giving racket to get close to avatarhood in sacrifice.  
In Lord British's castle, go up to Lord British.  Ask him about his 
health and tell him you're not well.  Now go to the healer on the first 
floor and say no when he asks if you need help.  As long as your hit 
points >300, he will.  Then go back up to Lord British, visit the 
healer, and so forth.  Obviously being level 7 or 8 is even better for 
this racket, but you can elevate in sacrifice pretty quickly.  You don't 
get free cookies and juice for all that blood you give away, but you'll 
have to deal with it.

Getting to level 7 or 8 quickly can tie in with other virtues, too.  
Valor's simple, especially on the free Windows version, since 100+ 
MHzPentium processors speed up fights.  Sit on a bridge and hit escape;  
when trolls attack, line up and just start firing at 'em.  My favorite 
bridge is the one just east of Britannia, because you can always get 
healing from Lord British, although if you want to buy reagents with 
your loot, the one west of Moonglow's nice, too.  Bridges are an 
unlimited(up to 9999) supply of gold.  Repeat and make sure you don't 
get too low on hit points.  When you get to 5000 gold, if you have a 
ship(and odds are you've found one-Britain and Moonglow are good places 
to fight with pirates, if you haven't), it's time to go to the 
Buccaneers' Den and pick up a magic wand.  The Buccaneers' Den, you ask?  
It's to the east of Paws.  You should buy a sextant at some point to 
figure out co-ordinates;  you may be able to pick one up in the guild in 
Vesper as well as the Buccaneers' Den.  The sextant is "off the menu" as 
item D, and that is because it's so powerful and useful, especially with 
the hints.

But I digress.  All this fighting on bridges should give you Avatar 
virtue in VALOR.  Sail around Brittania for a while;  the BELL, the 
SILVER HORN, Mondain's SKULL(search with both new moons), and the WHEEL 
for the HMS Cape are lying around the ocean.  I also recommend picking 
up the white stone.  You're supposed to use the balloon, but I find 
buying gems and PEERING into them can tell you of a spot directly south 
of the area in the mountain.  Then you cast a blink north.  Search and 
cast another blink(don't get stuck without reagents and spells, and be 
warned if you just bring two spells-a blink spell can fail!  But you 
should be hoarding spells a bit anyway at this point, so this advice 
isn't necessary.  Right?)  Another place where a blink is useful is when 
you want to get to Cove.  Don't worry about mapping the terrain.  Just 
peer into a gem and cast blink in the appropriate place.  It's easier 
than the white stone, because there's a lot more space to blink to.  The 
CANDLE of LOVE is in Cove behind a secret door.

All this fighting valor plus the honor from the stuff you've found 
should get you ready for HONOR.  In fact, if you've been hoarding 
spells, the best way to buy reagents is to give 1 GP more than the blind 
reagent sellers ask for-and don't buy 99 reagents at a time.  Each 
honest transaction gets you more points in HONESTY and JUSTICE.  
Compassion's the same way-I generally pick out a "favorite beggar" and 
just talk, give 20, bye, and repeat-although I think it's a bonus to 
give your last gold piece to a beggar.

The toughest shrine to get to is the shrine of HUMILITY.  To get nice 
and humble-like, I recommend talking to X, the strange fighter in 
Jhelom.  Ask him about RED, and say NO when he asks if you're the 
Avatar(I remember this particularly-as an Avatar, I answered YES, 
thinking I'd lose an eighth in honesty if I didn't.  So I lost an eighth 
in humility!)  Say bye, and repeat this until the novelty wears off.  If 
Jhelom's not your kind of town(and it isn't mine.  But it's probably 
better to bug a weird guy like X than others in the game), there are 
also other conversations where NPC's ask if you're proud or unbelievably 
virtuous--answer them humbly.  You are now as 'umble as Uriah Heep.  
When landing on the island with the Shrine of Humility, use the silver 
horn every three steps.  It is tedious, but fighting an infinite amount 
of demons and losing, causing you to lose that hard-earned eighth in 
valor, is worse than tedious.  Amazingly, the horn, which doesn't stay 
active for many moves, stays active for three whole cycles while you're 
in the shrine.  This is one nit-pick I'm not going to pursue, however.  
But you should still use the horn on the way back.

Man, all this meditating must be good for your SPIRITUALITY, and it 
better be, because other than chatting up Hawkwind, there's no way to 
improve it-you should be ready for elevation.  Go to Minoc's moon gate 
when both moons are full, and you're an Avatar now.

General advice on shrines:  just save your games before entering shrines 
in case you type in the wrong mantra-especially after you've become a 
partial Avatar in spirituality!  Also, pace yourself with regard to 
shrines.  You can only meditate so often.

Next are the stones.  In the dungeon, you probably want a lot of Y and Z 
spells.  These work randomly, so if you're in a spot where you can only 
use up and down stairs and you cast one of these, you won't go directly 
up and down unless you are very unlucky indeed.

There is one colored stone in each of six dungeons;  Hythloth has none, 
but it does have a neat balloon which you were supposed to use to find 
the white stone.  There are also balls you can touch to improve your 
attributes.  Which attributes do they improve?  Look at the dungeon, and 
find its opposite virtue(i.e. Shame/Honor).  What of truth, love, and 
courage does it have?  If it has truth, you get +5 intelligence.  Love, 
+5 dexterity.  Courage, +5 strength.  For each +5 attribute the hit 
points you lose doubles, starting with 200, so touching something in 
Hythloth loses you 600 hit points.  This would kill most characters, but 
it may be a good strategy;  for instance, going to Lord British's 
castle, taking the back stairway, casting Y/Z spells, and killing your 
party off(you don't lose an eighth for losing in a dungeon room) and 
doing it over can get everybody to 50 if you want to.  It's neat, but 
it's not really necessary.

Beware most of all rooms with gremlins.  Gremlins steal 25 food units 
for each move they're near you in battle.  Combat with gremlins is OK as 
they are weak and you can shoot them from afar, but there are some 
tricky rooms.  If gremlins do take all your food, an XIT spell along 
with a gate travel spell(or even blink spells) could be a lifesaver-
healing spells can help ward off starvation, too.

So what do you do, finally, in the dungeons?  At the bottom level, 
there's a link to the altars of courage, truth, and love.  On each altar 
you use four stones-the stones that correspond to the virtues containing 
whatever the altar is for, truth, love, or courage.

Example: the altar of truth(blue) uses four stones-the stone of the 
attribute with TL, TC, T, and TLC.  These are justice, honor, honesty, 
and spirituality, which give colors blue, green, purple, and white.  
Alternatively, you can mix the colors;  T+L=blue+red=purple, 
T+C=blue+yellow=green, T=blue, and T+L+C=blue+yellow+red=white(the last 
one's iffy, but....)  Note that there's no altar room that connects to 
humility or uses the black stone.  That corresponds to the Stygian 
Abyss, which is the end of the adventure.

I suggest only going down once-Covetous has a link between courage and 
love, and then you can find truth pretty easily in Wrong.  Altar rooms 
are great ways to link dungeons in general, necessitating far fewer 
trips.  Also, since most stones are on the lower level, using altar 
rooms can make your trips very quick indeed.

Always have an XIT spell prepared;  I highly recommend a blink spell 
also, since many dungeons are inaccessible by land.  Shame's a good 
dungeon to exit from if you blink to the east.  It'll take you back near 
Britain.  Same for Despise.

Before adding members to your party and entering dungeons(At this point, 
you'll need to;  I recommend only two, Iolo and Jaana, at first), pump 
your gold and supplies up fighting bridge trolls.  Specifically, get 
your gold to 9999.  Go back to the Buccaneers' Den, buy a magic wand, 
sell Jaana's staff(?), and buy another wand.  You now have three party 
members with wands.  Get Iolo and Jaana up to level four before they go 
to dungeons.  Bridge trolls are good for that.  If you want to be sure 
your sidekicks kill the monsters, don't give your mage a weapon.

Okay.  Only two items left to pick up-the mystic weapons and armor.  I 
think you'll have to pick up the rest of the gang for this.  A few are 
hiding out a bit.  Iolo's across the bridge in Britain and Jaana's in 
the forest in Yew by the fireplace.  Dupre's easy to find in Trinsic, 
Shamino's straight to the east of the entrance to Skara Brae, and 
Katrina's just south of the entrance to Magincia.  Julia's helping out 
in the poor house in Minoc, and Geoffrey's behind a locked door in the 
Jhelom inn.  That's it.

Before picking these people up, I recommend buying proper weapons.  
Crossbows for Dupre, Shamino, Geoffrey and Julia.  Sling for 
Katrina(she's close to worthless, at 5 experience and no magic/fighting 
skills!)  You may want to buy a magic bow.  I forget which classes can 
equip the item, though.  I don't think magic plate/chain is worth it, as 
you're headed straight for the final conflict, where only Mystic 
Armor/Weapons work.

The armor(robes) is found in the grove at Empath Abbey.  Just scour each 
square in your search-shouldn't take over ten minutes.  The weapons are 
found in Serpants Hold, in the training room.  This is an even easier 
search unless one of the fighters is standing in your way.  They will 
move, eventually.  The neat thing is that if you have no robes/weapons 
left, you can go back and search for more.  This occurs whether you sell 
all the items(for 4500 and 3500 gold each!), get killed, or have 
everyone equip them.

All right!  So, you've hoarded spells when you were still "single," and 
now you've got the whole gang together.  Mosey on down to the island 
with the shrine of humility.  There's a huge cove on the west side with 
a bunch of pirate ships.  Probably you'll want to use the wheel, and you 
may want to switch ships, too.  Even better, though, is just to GET OUT 
OF THE BOAT.  It works-I swear.  You'll be treated as if you're on land.  
(This is a nice trick, BTW-you can even hole up and camp if you XIT your 
ship first!)  Rogues on the ships can be dispatched easily.  Climb over 
the poison, cure yourself, rest up, and go to the center lava square.  
Use the BELL, BOOK, and CANDLE before throwing the SKULL into the 
abyss(don't use the skull anywhere else!) and then enter the abyss.

The abyss has a tricky level where you have to cross through several 
rooms, some a couple times.  Keep track of where you are there.  There 
are a lot of one-way exits and turns.  Other than that, all you have to 
do in the abyss(besides not get killed by tough monsters) is to use the 
following stones on the following levels and answer the puzzles as 
follows.  The stairs down will not appear until you do.  And Y/Z up/down 
spells are not effective.
Level 1:  blue
Level 2:  yellow
Level 3:  red
Level 4:  green
Level 5:  orange
Level 6:  purple
Level 7:  white
Level 8:  black
The puzzles after you use the black stone are answered as follows:
VERAMOCOR is the word of passage(get VER, AMO, and COR from the castles)
INFINITY(Each time you achieve an "eighth" you see one of these 
characters.  I is what you see for Honesty, N for Compassion, etc.)

Quick reference on where to find items:
(Note:  each town/village/location seems to have exactly one item of 
importance in it.  It's another way to keep track of what you've done.)
Rune of Honesty      Moonglow, Mariah's gold chest
Rune of Compassion   Britain, End of hall in inn
Rune of Valor        Jhelom, Southeast tower, behind lightning fields
Rune of Justice      Yew, Felon's prison
Rune of Sacrifice    Minoc, Forge in armory
Rune of Honor        Trinsic, SW corner, behind poison field
Rune of Spirituality Lord British's castle, treasure chamber
Rune of Humility     Paws, in southeast mountains
Blue stone           Deceit L7
Yellow stone         Despise L5(Z to level 5, then exit)
Red stone            Destard L7
Green stone          Wrong L8(down the hall from the Altar Room of 
Orange stone         Covetous L7
Purple stone         Shame L2(Cast Z from level 1, explore, then exit)
White stone          Mountain range NW of Britain--only space "inside" 
Black stone          Moonglow moongate, new moons
T key                Altar of truth-white, blue, purple, green stones
L key                Altar of love-white, orange, yellow, green stones
C key                Altar of courage-white, red, orange, purple stones
Skull of Mondain     New moons, by lava in middle of sea PF MF
Wheel of HMS Cape    South tip of Britannia, close to Jhelom NH GA
Silver Horn          By Skara Brae
Bell of Courage      At Sea, in an enclosure of reefs NA LA
Book of Truth        Lycaeum, Library(under "T")
Candle of Love       Cove, secret door to left of Ankh
Magic Armor/Robes    Empath Abbey AE BG
Magic Weapons        Serpants Hold AP AI
Sextant              Guilds(Vesper/Buccaneers' Den), buy "hidden 

A brief guide to moongates-an easy way to transport.  They barely take 
any moves if you use Ztats and then just wait-handy for avoiding 
For each phase the left moon moves, the right moon moves three phases.  
Thus, if you want to get to phase X, there are three phases you can get 
there from.  A table is below.

Town---Phase+---From(numbers, towns)------+-------To(numbers, towns)----
Moonglow  0 |0,2,5 Moonglow,Jhelom,Trinsic|0,1,2 Moonglow,Britain,Jhelom
Britain   1 |0,3,5 Moonglow,Yew,Trinsic   |3,4,5 Yew,Minoc,Trinsic
Jhelom    2 |0,3,6 Moonglow,Yew,SkaraBrae |6,7,0 
Yew       3 |1,3,6 Britain,Yew,SkaraBrae  |1,2,3 Britain,Jhelom,Yew
Minoc     4 |1,4,6 Britain,Minoc,SkaraBrae|4,5,6 Minoc,Trinsic,SkaraBrae
Trinsic   5 |1,4,7 Britain,Minoc,Magincia |7,0,1 
SkaraBrae 6 |2,4,7 Jhelom,Minoc,Magincia  |2,3,4 Jhelom,Yew,Minoc
Magincia  7 |2,5,7 Jhelom,Trinsic,Magincia|5,6,7 

For the curious:
Let x=the phase you're in.  Then (3x mod 8, 3x+1 mod 8, 3x+2 mod 8)=the 
phases you can go to(note that the phases you can go to from there are 
9x mod 8, ..., 9x+8 mod 8, so you can get anywhere in two jumps!)  And 
[x/3], [(x+8)/3], [x+16/3] are the phases you can get to x from, where 
[y]=the greatest integer less than or equal to y.
Note you can also use moongates to visit every town exactly once:  0->1-
>4->5->7->6->3->2 is one solution.  This is useful when you "swoop" to 
pick up characters late in the walkthrough.

Credits:  Ultima:  The Avatar Adventures, by Rusel DeMaria and Caroline 
Spector, helped me to look up some location details I didn't have on 
hand.  "Oh--it's somewhere over there" is not specific enough for a 
walkthrough, I fear.  It also helped me to figure any quick ways through 

1.0.0:  Converted RTF to text 4/22/2000 and submitted it.  The bulk of 
this work was done 7/99 before I had FAQ experience so it may be choppy 
and subject to review.