Which Coconut Products are Legal?

Coconut Milk Yogurt

Legal - must be homemade

 Coconut Meat

 Legal - fresh or unsweetened

 Coconut Butter


 Creamed Coconut

 Legal - it's the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat

 Coconut Flour

 Legal, but very fibrous 

 Coconut Milk

 Legal - try after six months

 Coconut Oil

Legal - good for high heat frying/cooking and natural anti fungal.

 Coconut Water

 Illegal - made from immature coconuts which are full of polysaccharides and similar to green bananas.  Mature coconut water is high is sucrose.  Both are illegal.

 Coconut Aminos

 Illegal  We cannot be sure all the sugar has been broken down by the manufacturing process.  The sap is mostly sucrose, which is illegal.  Inulin in the product stays in the product and it is illegal.

 Coconut Sap  Illegal - after processing it is mostly sucrose

 Coconut Sugar

 Illegal - after processing it is mostly sucrose

Coconut Nectar

 Illegal -after processing it is mostly sucrose