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                    I would like to create this page for useful site for everyone. Especially for the YGN people. They are block time by time & band width is too low to use. But, the ISP(Internet Stupid Provider) collect monthly fees & any others matter other they don't take in time action. That was the main reason to publish the pages. Now, I am hunting some online job but the bad shadow of the our gov are take some effect to me. However, I do believed. I can got suitable job for me. I can give some effort who hire me as technician. My interested things in IT Field are Web Pages, Blog, Forum, Flash, Database, Networking, Security & Data Recovery. I want to get some IT Certificates at the future. But, technical skill are not perfect need to studying more and more made me more intelligent in technological high way. Thank for your time & info, read and reply to your aspect point of views. I really needed more suggestions.

  I think, I don't have enough to surf to find useful site now. So, I need more info for this page. Kindly send me by mail.
Please mail me mail me !  any other useful site information.

           I have to support as I can, who want to bypass the ISP Proxy. Here is the update software of Your-Freedom & Ultra Surf. Have fun and feel free to download those software.

 Have a nice day !

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              Now A Day! 

               All over the world we are facing down turn. So, we need to be more united to get well back to normal situation. I hope so we can share our knowledge and idea for our future living. We can share our praying, resources and comments. I hope so by the Grace of our Living GOD, our world be fine so soon! I wish! 

May GOD Bless you All!

Dear All,

Actually, I'm working now Networking Engineer @ Singapore. If you would like to know about any others question for your IT needs. Kindly drop a mail to me.

Mail me: Click here

Thank you.


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