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Tired of looking all over the web for information on rabbits only to find another dead end or some site looking for money.  EverythingRabbit is the place where that all stops.  Share pics, stories, health information, find a breeder, locate rabbit societies, talk to owners, and of course find everything you need to give your rabbit the best life ever.
Exert from the Rabbitweb.net page I thought was right on the money: 
                            How Do You Know Your a Rabbit Lover?

...you sell all your husband's stuff to support your rabbit habit.
...hubby finally gives in and gets buns of his own so he can also enjoy the shows.
...all your computer bookmarks are rabbit related.
...you no longer check regular e-mail messages--you only check the ones with rabbit-related topics.
...you clean, organize, and take care of the rabbit barn better than your own home!
...your husband comes home from work and wants to know what you did during day that did not relate to rabbits.
...you stay up all night on the 31 day of pregnancy to make sure a first time doe kindles without problems. And then she goes over her due date!
--Pam Nock

...nobody can sit on the couch because of the big box of Oxbow timothy that's sitting there.
...your only kid is 29 years old, and yet there are always half a dozen jars of Gerber Spinach in the cupboard.

...you spend more time in the rabbit barn than in the house.
...you want to go to National Convention more than any other place in the world.
...you infect the whole family with "the rabbit bug."
...you look at the rabbits in the pet store and tell your mother exactly why they ended up there. (Blaze is too narrow; ears are too long; etc.)
...your family spends more on rabbit food than on human food.
...you bawl like a baby when your litter of bunnies dies, but when your second cousin (however many times removed) dies, you cry just a little bit. (I didn't know her very well.)
...the threat of losing your rabbits can, and will, make you do anything.
...you have long conversations with your rabbits.
...the rabbits start to answer back when you have those conversations.

...most of your white sweatshirts have bunny spray stains on them because that's always what you're wearing when you have to check on the rabbits. (These stains never come out!)
...most of your t-shirts have tiny little holes in them from rabbit nails, and they get bigger every time you see 'em!
...you have certain shoes that you are allowed to wear into the barn but not into the house. You have more of these special shoes than the ones allowed in the house! (Funny how they all tend to become those special shoes....)
--Dennis, C.V.R.

...everything you own is covered in rabbit hair.
...all your conversations with people end up about rabbits.
...you travel farther to get a rabbit than you would to visit relatives.
...all your rolls of film are of your rabbits rather than of all those precious family moments.
--meg's moon

...you lie awake sleepless all night thinking about nothing else but your doe that is due to kindle at any moment.
...you are checking the Rabbit Web message board for new messages at 2:00 A.M.!
--Lynelle from Oregon

...your rabbit slippers have been so groomed by the other rabbits that they need to be replaced.
...you are happy when you see "weeds" in your grass.
...you get veggies from the 24-hour store in the middle of the night.
...the people at the store know the greens are for rabbits, and they know the rabbits' names but not yours.

...you can't explain to your husband how those new cages got into the rabbit shed...and it appears that they are already occupied...maybe he just didn't count right the first time.
--Beth in NC

...your shirts now seem to be angora sweaters, but you know you didn't buy them that way.
...the phone rings and hubby says for you to get it cause it is just going to be some rabbit person who doesn't want to talk to him.
...you know the entire background on every pedigree lineage, but you don't even know who is in your own family tree.
...you schedule vacations around a convention, and if your relatives live near by, lucky them, they gain company for a week or at least get to see you in between show events.
...your hubby, who has nothing to do with rabbits, knows that when it's his payday, it's time to buy rabbit feed.
...you know what day Saturday is (because you are going to a show), but you have a hard time remembering what any other day of the week is.
...you bring an ice chest to a show that has nothing in it for you, only things for the rabbits (ice bottles, carrot sticks, etc.).
....your rabbitry first-aid kit has everything and yours in the house doesn't ever seem to even have a band-aid.
.... you taste the rabbit feed at the feed store to make sure that it is fresh enough to feed your rabbits, but you'll eat old human food as long as it's not moldy. (My son does this and makes the guy at the feed store ralph every time).
...every room in your house has rabbits as the main theme to the room décor. (I even have four-foot Bugs Bunny in my front room window for the world to see.)
--Rochelle Cooley

...you won't let your husband spray weed killer because the rabbits won't have snacks.
...the truck salesman tells you the ease of loading rabbits is why you should buy the vehicle.
...you visit friends and relatives only if there's a rabbit show nearby.

...you look for wallpaper with rabbits on it, and you find one
--Meredith Sherrer

...the main reason you hold a job is to pay for feed.
...your pockets are wet and wiggle while you work. (Bottle kits!)
...you can hold forth on almost any topic and relate it all to rabbits.
...your college instructors hide when they see you coming to ask more questions about how beef/sheep/swine/dairy information can be applied to rabbits!
--Pamela Alley

...you plan your vacations around your doe's kindling dates and come home early because you don't trust anyone else to handle any emergencies.
--Alpha OKonek

...all of your real friends love bunnies too.
...you become a 4-H Rabbit Leader, so you can share the love for bunnies with the youth.
...two of your 10 4-H rabbit kids start their own rabbitries.
...the only phone calls for you are rabbit related.
...you know your rabbits and their sire and dam's ear tattoos, and that is a lot to remember with 30+ rabbits!
...you include a stop to buy rabbits on your family vacation.
...you can't wait for the next doe to kindle, so you can see what lies under the fur!
...you breed just the right buck and doe, only to get so-so bunnies from them.
...you finally get a whole litter of showable bunnies, and that was from one of those just so-so does you kept!
...you make new friends and help breeders of all breeds of rabbits on the Rabbit Web.
--Carol from Arizona (AC Rabbitry)
...your new clothes are covered with nestbox fur.
-- Pasada

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