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The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

It's up, go listen. ;)

316 is up

The podcast for this week is up. We've done a double feature and covered our thoughts on both of the last two episodes.

No Podcast This Week

Unfortunately, due to extreme business this week, we are unable to put up a podcast for "This Place is Death". We hope to be able to resume our episodes next week. 

The Little Prince

The new podcast is up!!!... Great lost episode...not our best show...But it is still pretty good to listen to. Go listen.......NOW!

Chad and Brendan

Just by the way this episode has very amusing bloopers at the end. I just can't seem to be able to talk. Its amusing!


"JugHead"  Not the loving comic character we know and love!

The new Podcast episode is up. We Have email!  We also have a few theories.  Want to know what they are?  Then go check out our episode on iTunes or here on our website!

    Don't Forget to email us at the end of the episode.

Link: interview of Pierre Chang 

The link above^ is an interview with Pierre Chang.  It doesn't say much other than what his real name is but its an interesting Interview. 

Bandwidth Problem

We have reached are limit of bandwidth so we are taking off most of our old episodes from the feed but if you want to listen to them they are still on the website.  

The good news is this means we have a lot of listeners.  Yay!

Season opener Podcast Episode!

      It is Friday night, and the new podcast episode is up!  We have a lot
to talk about so please listen in and if you have any questions,
comments, ect. please email us =).

Don't forget to join our new Facebook group!


It is the premiere tonight!  In a few days tune in for a new podcast episode. We can't wait to talk about the new Season!

By the way!!!...  (posted: Jan/8/09)

If you are looking for our new episodes on iTunes we are having trouble with it showing the episodes in the right order.  So if you would like the newest episode then here is the title you are looking for "Lost news and questions".

New podcast Episode!!!...   (posted:  Jan/8/09)

Hi fellow lost fans,

The new episode for the our podcast is up.  We talk about a lot of news that we have found from lost magazine and TV guide.  We also recap the last episode of lost season 4 to catch you up on what is going on so you are not confused when it returns.  Our sound is better and we actually know what we are talking about.  To listen to our new episode you can find it here on our site or find us on iTunes to subscribe to our podcast.  Hope you enjoy!

p.s. Please don't forget to email us at everythinglost@gmail.com with your comments, theories, and opinions.

New Facebook Group   (posted: Jan/3/09)

  If you have a Facebook please join our new group based off our podcast.  We would love for you to send us messages, start discussion boards, and upload pictures and video's.

 We hope to hear from all of you!

Pre-Season 6 Chatter    (posted: Jan/2/09)

    Hello once again. Last night, we recorded our first podcast of the new year. Mostly we discussed what we expect from the upcoming sixth season of LOST, and other random things. We hope you will listen. Thank you.

Season 5 Begins

Hello fellow lost fans,

    Another season of LOST approaches, and with that new season we shall be returning from our podcast hiatus. Last year we were unable to do our podcast for season four of LOST, but now with myself being closer to home, it will be easier to make a reasonable schedule for recording. I hope that you will resume listening to our podcast for season 5, and will continue to send us your questions, suggestions, and comments. I look forward to hearing from all of you. If you know anyone else who enjoys LOST and hearing our commentary on it, let them know about us, so that we can have our best year ever. Our goal this year is to make our podcast the best it can be. If you have an suggestions before we start, please send them to us as soon as possible so we can start off the new season smoothly.

    Thank you for your time, and hope you enjoy the new seasons of LOST and of course, Everything LOST. 

 Season 4 opener

 Brendan and I have made a podcast on the newest episode of lost. It should be up on itunes shortly and Brendan will put it on this site soon.  Hope you all enjoy!


 Edit: The episode is up. ;) 


March 24, 2007 - Downloads

Someone suggests a download manager to try:

Sam McPherson 

I finally am able to download the entirety of the podcast. I use a free downloadable program called Metaproducts Download Express 1.9, which is  a download manager that works really well. Just passing that along.