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Episode Guide and Spoliers

When home and away returns this will include weekly synopsis for each episode of S27

2015 spoilers for s27 of home and away 
-Maddie dosent die 
-Kyle dosent die 
-Leah goes into a coma
-Ricky dosent deliver the baby early because of the bus crash 
-Sophie does not die
-Sasha dosent die, she leaves to go to uni 
-Sophie and Sasha were the only two cast members announced to leave in 2015
-The bus crash brings new female cop Katrina Chapman to Summer Bay
-Brax goes to jail for the murder of Dean but gets released 
-Ash and Denny get together
-Josh and Evie get back together 
-Billie, Ash's sister comes 
-Show returns Monday 2nd of February