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     Season 6       
 S05E16 Gold soundz With Russian Vega Force assassins hot on their trail, Annie and McQuaid work together to escape Argentina. Belenko's final plan is put into action. 18/12/14
 S05E15 Frontwards  Annie and McQuaid's relationship deepens as they track down Belenko's next target in Buenos Aires. Joan determines that it's in the CIA's best interest to keep Belenko alive. 11/12/14
 S05E14 Transport is Arranged  With no options left, Annie and McQuaid must sneak into Russian territory to hunt down Belenko. Unanswered questions surrounding Auggie's past lead to a chilling confrontation. 04/12/14
 S05E13 She Believes  Reinvigorated by a shocking revelation, Annie works with a new ally to bring Belenko's misdeeds to light. McQuaid and Joan head into the field while Calder enlists Sydney to make a dangerous gamble. 20/11/1/4
 S05E12Starlings of the slipstreams  Annie heads to Germany in search of a rogue chemist after Auggie uncovers a startling link between the recent attacks on American soil. 13/11/14
 S05E11  Trigger Cut  As McQuaid's health hangs in the balance, Annie heads on a reconnaissance mission in Istanbul. Meanwhile, Arthur takes the reigns at McQuaid Security and Calder recruits a new asset. 06/11/14
 S05E10 Sensitive Euro Man  McQuaid is on the run, and Annie risks everything and comes to his help after he claims that somebody has set him up and he is not responsible for the Chicago bombing. 26/08/14
 S05E09 Spit on a stranger  After Annie decides to leave the agency and work for McQuaid, she discovers a possible link between McQuaid and the Chicago bombing. Meanwhile, discovers that Auggie covered up Annie's heart condition. 
 S05E08 Grounded  Annie is assigned to desk duty after Joan and Calder find out about her heart condition, but she still goes behind the agency's back with McQuaid's help to investigate a new lead in the bombing. 12/08/14
 S05E07 Brink of the clouds  Annie and McQuaid go to Azerbaijan to find an ex-CIA employee connected to the bombing, Auggie's relationship with Natasha is in jeopardy, and Calder's call-girl acquaintance is in trouble with the law. 05/08/14
 S05E06 Embassy Row  Annie risks her identity to reconnect with the Russian banker who financed the bombing, but McQuaid comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Auggie is forced to juggle two relationships, and Calder finds a familiar face in the internal investigation. 29/07/14
 S05E05 Elevate me Later  Auggie turns to an old flame, Natasha, to hack a Paris bank and find out who funded the Chicago bombing. Meanwhile, Arthur has a busy day in the field and Joan asks Calder to help get the heat off of them. 22/07/14
 S05E04 Silence kit  While investigating a lead in the Chicago bombing, Annie has an accident that could reveal her heart condition to the agency and cost her her job. 15/07/14
 S05E03 Unseen power of the picket fence  Annie and McQuaid are stuck in Venezuela after their effort to cross the border into Columbia with Boris fails, but it gives Annie enough time to get some answers about Boris's terrorist operation. 08/07/14
 S05E02 False Skorpion  Annie goes to Venezuela to find the terrorist involved in the Chicago bombing who got away, but discovers that McQuaid is already there with the same objective. 01/07/14
 S05E01 Shady Lane  After four months of being "dark," Agent Annie Walker emerges from the shadows to rejoin the DPD. A terrorist threat thrusts Annie back into the field, where she encounters a man named Ryan McQuaid. 24/06/14
     Season 5       
 S04E16 Trompe Le Monde  Annie and Auggie work together to bring Henry to justice. Calder returns to the States with a win for the Agency, but Joan may remain his only true ally within Langley. 21/11/13
 S04E15 There goes my gun  Annie, Auggie and Calder head off on an unsanctioned mission to Hong Kong in pursuit of Henry's courier. Joan and Arthur unveil a traitor in their midst. 14/11/13
 S04E14 River Euphrates  With new intel in hand and Henry's operation on tilt, Annie heads to New York in pursuit of a smoking gun. 07/11/13
 S04E13 No. 13 Baby  Henry reaches out to his only ally within Langley - Calder. Joan reveals something during her deposition that puts a wedge between herself and Arthur. An old flame reveals she still holds a torch for Auggie. 31/10/13
 S04E12 Something Against you Despite his misgivings, Auggie decides to work with Calder on an alternate method to destroy Henry. 24/10/13
 S04E11 Dead Annie begins her first deep cover operation completely on her own. Meanwhile, Auggie, Joan, Arthur and the rest of the CIA manage the fallout from Annie's "death" at Calder's hands. 17/10/13
 S04E10 Levitate me  Annie is in Germany to get proof against Henry. Calder arrives Germany to track Annie. Senator Pierson wants Joan out of office. Joan has pregnancy problems and goes to the hospital. Annie and Calder meet to talk. Annie is shot and goes off grid. 1709/13
 S04E09  Hang wire  Calder interrogates Auggie, and Auggie realizes Calder is not working with Henry. Teo goes after Henry but Annie aborts his shot. Henry captures them and frames Teo for missile fired at a plane. Annie and Teo escape, but Teo is badly shot. 10/09/13
 S04E08 Ive been waiting for you  Annie tracks down Tao to ask him to question Eduardo about Henry's involvement in stolen weapons & bombings. Eduardo is killed by Henry's men. Calder confronts Joan about evidence Annie has hidden. Calder goes after Auggie to get evidence. 03/09/13
 S04E07 Crackity Jones  Auggie finds out his former partner, whom he loved and saw shot, is still alive. Annie works with her to locate missing weapons that Henry might be selling to terrorists. Calder learns Annie is lying about events from a previous mission. 27/08/13
 S04E06 Space (I believe in)  Seth Newman's body is found. The FBI is investigating his death. Annie manages to be part of the FBI team so she can prevent them from finding out her involvement. Henry knows Annie is involved but still makes her an offer to join his team. 20/08/13
 S04E05 Here comes your man  Calder Michaels replaces Auggie as interim DPD head. Auggie learns Calder is the new mole for Henry. Calder traced money from the Chen's to a terrorist in Vienna; she is sent there to gather information. Joan and Arthur get back together. 13/08/13
 S04E04 Rock a my soul  Annie follows two Chinese nationalists working in Washington DC as they are involved in the funding a terrorist bomb attack. Joan is now the head of clandestine affairs; Auggie is promoted to interim head of DPD. Henry vows to kill Teo. 06/08/13
 S04E03 Into the white  Annie meets Arthur and tells him there is a bomb threat against Teo. Arthur tells Annie that Teo is a double agent. Annie goes to Columbia to determine Teo's allegiance. Joan is asked about her qualifications for head position at the agency. 30/07/13
 S04E02 Dig For Fire  Arthur resigns, saying he had an extramarital affair. He asks Annie to find out if Henry knows Teo is his son. Annie and Auggie continue their investigation and find a mole in the CIA. They learn Arthur never cheated but lied to protect Joan. 23/07/13
 S04E01 Vamos Annie and Auggie continue their relationship. They travel to Columbia to find evidence against Henry Wilcox and clear Auggie's name. Joan finds out she is pregnant 16/07/13
     Season 4       
 S03E16 Lady Stardust Annie considers betraying the agency to save Eyal, but Auggie comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, Henry Wilcox returns from prison and sets his sights on Arthur and Joan. 20/11/12
 S03E15 Quicksand After Annie escapes a trap set by Khalid Ansari, Annie and Eyal go to Switzerland to track him down. Meanwhile, Auggie is deployed back to Iraq to help a fellow soldier. 13/11/12
 S03E14 Scary Monsters and super creeps Eyal helps Annie track down a lost asset, but can she continue to trust him? Meanwhile, Arthur has to pay the price for Annie's faulty intelligence. 06/11/12
 S03E13 Man in the middle Annie convinces the CIA to act on Mossad intelligence she got from Eyal, Arthur confronts Joan on her suspicious behavior, and Auggie's ex-fiancée returns asking for a favor. 30/10/12
 S03E12 Wishful Beginnings Annie must work with Eyal again as both the CIA and Mossad track down a spy investigating a Saudi oil magnate. 23/10/12
 S03E11  Rock 'n' Roll Suicide  Annie is captured by the Russians after completing her mission, and Auggie launches a plan for her escape, with the help of another old friend. 16/10/12
 S03E10 Lets Dance Lena escapes to Russia. Against CIA orders, Joan gives Annie permission to find Lena. Annie tracks Lena, who then tries to convert Annie as a counter spy. That fails, and Lena tries to shoot Annie. Annie kills Lena in self defense. 18/09/12
 S03E09 Suffragette City After shooting Simon, fatally, Lena escapes being discovered by a delivery man and by Annie, who hallucinates while rushed to hospital for critical surgery. Arthur orders an investigation and tends to Lena's thesis that Annie is a traitor who wasn't properly screened as a recruit. Auggie risks his and a career-bribed polygraph expert's career to conduct his own investigation, while the CIA director officially sanctions Annie's dishonorable discharge in hurry. It leads Auggie to the passport forger, but Lena anticipated that. 11/09/12
 S03E08 Glass Spider At Jai's safe house, Annie & Auggie find Jai was investigating Simon. Annie tells Arthur & Joan she has been cultivating Simon and thinks she can turn him. Simon says no, but asks Annie to marry him. Simon & Annie are gunned down by Lena. 04/09/12
 S03E07 Loving the Alien  Annie is alone and cut off from CIA support as she follows Simon to Cuba. 28/08/12
 S03E06 Hello Stranger Auggie sees a therapist to deal with losing Parker. Annie tries to turn the chief aid for the Yemen Prime Minister is in the country for a heart operation. With promises of security, he agrees. Annie finds out she cannot protect his family. 21/08/12
 S03E05 This is not America Annie tells Lena that Simon contacted her, and Annie thinks she can get information from him. Joan assigns Annie to help find an Iranian missile that uses American technology. Annie works with Eyal in Israel to find who made the missile. 14/08/12
 S03E04 Speed of life  While Annie tries to play nice with an FBI investigator to find out more about a break-in at a high-tech company, Simon unexpectedly shows up in the U.S. 31/07/12
 S03E03 The last thing you should do Annie, Joan, and Lena must put aside their differences when Auggie runs into trouble while visiting Parker in Africa. 24/07/12
 S03E02 Sound and Vision  Annie and Auggie race the clock in Spain to locate a computer virus that has drawn the interest of China. 17/07/12
 S03E01 Hang onto yourself  The team must pick up the pieces and go after the people responsible for killing one of their own agents. 10/07/12
     Season 3       
 S02E16 Letter never sent  An assignment in Stockholm put Annie and Danielle in jeopardy during their vacation, and Jai must choose between loyalties to his father and Arthur after a failed lie detector test. 07/12/11
 S02E15 Whats the frequency Kenneth  An agent for the British intelligence, MI6, approaches Annie since she is an employee of the Smithsonian. He wants her to help with the surveillance of an art dealer. Kenneth wants her to get him into the Smithsonian to gather information. 29/11/11
 S02E14Horse to water  Arthur suspects that an imprisoned spy who betrayed the U.S. may have gotten a Russian asset killed, which leads Annie to a mission to investigate his two daughters, which hits close to home because of her situation with Danielle. 22/11/11
 S02E13A Girl like you  Annie is assigned to find out why Mossad agent Eyal Lavine is in Washington, but both get in big trouble when his mission gets a CIA asset killed. 15/11/11
 S02E12 Uberlin When one of Arthur's former female Cold War assets emerges during one of Annie's missions, he immediately flies to Berlin to help, which sparks Joan's curiosity about their past relationship. 08/11/11
 S02E11 The Wake up Bomb  While Annie searches for a new safe house, she is assigned to surveillance duties on a pair of brothers who may be plotting an attack against the Spanish government. Meanwhile, Jai launches a power play to get away from Arthur. 01/11/11
 S02E10 World Leader Pretend  Annie helps a Chinese scientist defect to the US. Annie faces the music after confessing to Danielle that she is actually a spy. 09/08/11
 S02E09 Sad Professor Annie discovers that the latest CIA casualty is her former language professor - whom she had no idea was part of the agency - and she is assigned to find a secret message in his documents before his killers.  02/08/11
 S02E08 Welcome to the occupation  While on vacation in Turkey, Auggie suspects that he has found the Iraqi target who was responsible for his war injuries. 26/07/11
 S02E07 Half a world away  While on vacation in Turkey, Auggie suspects that he has found the Iraqi target who was responsible for his war injuries. 19/07/11
 S02E06 The outsiders   Annie and Reva are captured by the Secret Police at the Poland/Belarus border, and Jai leads the team sent in to rescue them 12/07/11
 S02E05 Around the sun  While Annie tries to find out who is giving NASA secrets to the Colombians, Auggie accepts his promotion, and his replacement has difficulty fitting in. 05/07/11
 S02E04 All the right friends  While in Argentina attempting to exchange a spy, an assassin attacks Annie and the spy, Carlo Reni. Forced on the run, Annie and Carlo have to evade arrest and figure out who set them up before the assassin can catch up with them. 28/06/11
 S02E03 Bang and Blame Annie investigates the leak of a CIA trainee's name. 21/06/11
 S02E02 Good Advices Auggie stands in as section chief while Joan insists to partake in jury selection, but wrongly assumes she won't be picked. Annie's girlish delight to be sent to Paris peeks when making contact with Syrian embassy employee Salma Devrient allows buying a designer handbag. It seems even better when Eyal turns up at the same museum gala, but actually Salma only plays CIA against Mossad bidding on information on the whereabouts of terrorist Kanaan, whose cell doesn't remain idle at all 14/06/11
 S02E01 Begin the Begin  Ben disappears when he and Annie return to Washington, D.C.; Annie helps protect a Russian tennis player. 07/06/11
     Season 2       
 S01E11 When the Leeve Breaks Ben Mercer ends his rogue operations and comes in from the cold because he needs help rescuing a former asset who has been captured and sent to Sri Lanka, and Annie is sent to help him. 14/09/10
 S01E10 I can't quit you, Baby After a diamond smuggler is busted trying to enter the country, Annie is sent to London to infiltrate the group and replace him. 14/09/10
 S01E09 Fool in the rain  An Iranian delegate escapes from a world trade convention in Toronto and wishes to defect to the United States. Annie, on vacation in Niagra Falls with her sister, is asked to handle the arrangements. 07/09/10
 S01E08 What is and what should never be  After Annie witnesses a suspicious purchase at an art auction, her follow-up brings a surprise visitor - Ben Mercer - back into her life. 31/08/10
 S01E07 Communication Breakdown Annie and Auggie work together in the field to obtain a code from a Russian hacker--a woman who also just so happens to be Auggie's ex-girlfriend. 24/08/10
 S01E06 Houses of the holy  Annie discovers that the wife of a U.S. senator is selling secrets to the Indonesians and is planning to frame the senator's chief of staff, with whom he is having an affair. 17/08/10
 S01E05 In the Light  After a routine briefcase exchange at a Swiss airport goes wrong, Annie is stuck at a safe house with a Mossad whom she's not sure she can trust. 10/08/10
 S01E04 No Quarter  After a routine briefcase exchange at a Swiss airport goes wrong, Annie is stuck at a safe house with a Mossad whom she's not sure she can trust. 3/08/10
 S01E03 South Bound SuarezThe Agency wants to get a corrupt Venezuelan businessman. And they decide the best way to do is to get to his mistress who unwittingly helps him hide his illegal dealings. And the best way to get to her is through her brother who is a student and Annie is charged with making contact with him.  27/07/10
 S01E02 Walter's walkAnnie tries to reach out and protect a mother and son after the son uncovers a coded IRA message.  20/07/10
 S01E01 Pilot New CIA recruit Annie Walker is brought in to retrieve secrets from a Russian spy seeking asylum, but he is assassinated by a sniper before the exchange can be finished. 13/07/10
     Season 1