This biology course fulfills the requirement of the laboratory-oriented life science course mandated by the Kentucky Department of Education.  Students who successfully complete the course work, and take a mandatory end of course exam will earn one (1) credit in biology.  Topics included in this course are based on Kentucky Core Content 4.1 and Program of Studies documents.


Holt Biology (We use this as more of a reference than our #1 source of information.)


          Grading Scale

92 - 100   A

83 - 91     B

74 - 82     C

65 - 73     D

0 - 64       F

Daily work: 30% of semester grade

Exams: 55% of semester grade

Final exam scores: 15% of semester grade

Biology is one of 4 courses in high school that have an End of Course Assessment given to all students in the state of Kentucky.

End of Course Assessment will cover content from the entire year and is 15% of the 2nd semester grade. 

For detailed units and syllabus, check the links below.
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