Going Solar

If you plan on doing a net-net meter, along with battery banks and backup generators, make sure you plan well in advance. This project spanned decades. The first part of the plan ('92-97) converted all high-load electrical appliances such as stoves, ranges, hot water heaters, HVAC units, clothes dryers, etc., to natural gas appliances (that were also compatible, or easily convertible, to propane). If your home is not already plumbed for NG, the expense of running black pipe alone can be daunting. However, there are many alternative ideas/methods that could be employed that will still provide huge benefits. Just work the problem and you will find the solution.

We found great service with DPI Solar. Josh got it pretty much right on the first go, and the system has been very sound. Reach them at:

Josh Kopczynski

20345 SW Pacific HwySherwood, OR 97140503-857-0416

This is a screen shot for the system stats for the past 9 months. We have a couple of megawatts banked, which should see us through the winter. Any excess power (on a March 15th fiscal year) is donated back through the Energy Trust of Oregon, which supports community programs

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Fortunately, we did our homework back in 2003 when we engineered the barn. For example, truss dead loads were calculated to handle the panels, installing in-ground conduit to the main load center, water control, etc... Fifteen years later, the install went as planned. Even the contractor and electrical inspector were impressed!

The one sacrifice: We had to remove our beautiful turn-around tree that shaded the barn's south-facing roof. It had to go so we called on our favorite tree company, Bryant Tree Experts, to handle the job. We have worked with Pat and Tana for years and they are solid and dependable. Reach them at:

Bryant Tree Expert Co.Pat and Tana BryantSalem, OR 97305503-390-3390