"The Road Goes Ever, Ever on.. Down From The Door Where It Began... Now Far Ahead The Road Has Gone... And We Invite You To Come Along..."

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  • Ever On-Renewed With the coming of the 1.15.2 Renewed Beta for The Lord of The Rings Mod, we are completely renewing our server, and thus we are also renewing our website!
    Posted Aug 2, 2020, 10:04 PM by Gavrock Gaming
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Online Servers

  Ever On Renewed (1.15.2) Ever On Vanilla Edition (1.16.1)
Server IP: lotr.scalacube.net everon.minehut.gg
 1.15.2 Renewed Beta 1.6 Uses Custom Plugin
(Not LOTR Mod)
 Minecraft Forge Version: Forge 31.2.31 Forge Not required.
 Suggested Mods: Optifine (For Dynamic Lighting)
 Optifine (For Dynamic Lighting)
 Open: Constantly 90% Uptime
 Player Limit: 40 75
 Survival, Roleplay, PvP, Minigames, War Exploration, Survival, War Games, Custom Experience

About Ever On:

Ever On is a Lord of the Rings Minecraft server owned by Bedrockbreaker7 and Elrohir314. The Server was first started on February 15th, 2020, although the server has been through many renditions and has been restarted many times, the final rendition of Ever On will be released August 28th, 2o2o. The server will have to go through some changes for each update of the Lord of the Rings Mod as they are released. Our server utilizes The Lord of the Rings Mod by Mevans, it must be downloaded to play on our server.

Unique Features

Our server contains many unique features that you will find are not included in other Lord of the Rings Modded Servers. Our server has extra features like mini-games, tier-up systems, large lobby's filled with adventure, hidden Easter eggs and much more. We also have several mods/plugins to improve the aspects of our servers. Server Features are explained in more detailed on the "Features" page,  please go check it out!