Happening Now

K Kountry 95  is broadcasting from the Go Green Festival. Brian Chase and Chris Ann are visiting booths and talking about what's to come
1st Broadcast: Sunny, Magnificent, Ozarks Day for the 3rd Go Green Festival at Thayer, MO. Almost 100 booths signed up, about 5 times bigger than the Spring Festival. Mike Slack, organizer, said "Lots of exciting things to see and do. Kids have rides, animals to pet, and games like diving for coins in bales of hay. All kinds of food including Alligator meat and friend twinkies. Wood burning truck and steam antique tractor are on display. Talks on alternative energy, growing your own vegetables and meats will go on both days. If you don't learn something or have fun, it's your own fault." 

2nd Broadast: Carol Lucas, our Entertainment Guru, talked, "The Reperatory Theatre (RTO) will be performing songs from the CD RTO Hammers down the Blues. We will play blues, jazz and Celtic music at 12:00 and at 2:15. Signal Hill Bluegrass will play on 11:00. George 
Seaberry hammers down STORMY MONDAY. BALL AND CHAIN (by Janis Jopln). is belted by Janey Crews. Mary Ann Hyslop will sing BLUE VELVET. Randy Johnson will sing Country at 3:15 and 4:30. And we have Belly Dancers from Mtn. Grove. We're gonna have a grand time. And tomorrow at 12:00 we will have some Gospel and Bluegrass singers. So come out and enjoy."

3rd Broadcast: Big Draft Horses that look like Clydesdales just rolled in. The Thayer Mammoth Spring Saddle Club is doing a food shack. They are also giving memberships at a discount ($15 for families, $10 for singles). They meet on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7:00. If you like horses and other animals, come out and see them.  Lone Wolf has a popular booth with natural soaps. He said "I've bee making soaps for 30 years, no lard, no water and no chemicals. It's not your Grandma's soap. All soaps are made from lye which protects against mosquitoes and ticks, but then all our ingredients are natural. We use Essential Oils and Plants for color and scents. The soaps can be use as moisturizers and for hair shampoo. We have yellow ribbons on soaps to honor soldiers and pink ribbons for breast cancer. If I run out, tell everybody I'll be back tomorrow." Chris just had a sandwich at Fat Daddy's Bar B Que. Come on out and enjoy the day. 

4th Broadcast: Saturday Oct. 22nd10:50: Wood, alcohol for gas, Elderberry for food and cash, wool spinning and other demos. "Sunrider Booth. Gayle and Candy. Whole, live foods, much different than what we consume every day. Our products help get allergies out of your body which will in turn will heal and make your feel better. Get people interested in healthier way to live. Nuplus, Cali Tea, Sun Nector (Stevia natural plant), regulates blood sugar, feeds your pancreas. Feeds your body the nutrients you need lacking in processed foods. Bodies are starving for nutrition. Feed your body the way you ought to, naturally." 1st booth on the left. Might want to pick out some holiday treats. Beekeepers and heritage pigs. Lots to do. 

5th Broadcast: Weather is great. Go Green is open until 6:00 today. Come out tomorrow at 12:00. Windpower. Solar energy. Organic Gardening. Seen the biggest melon I've every seen. West Plains Pioneer Saddle Club having some hayrides, marshmellows on Oct. 29th from 6-9 on Highway 14. Krista is here at Thayer MS Saddle Club. We have burgers, nachoes, chipes, sodas, all kinds of good stuff. Next weekend we have a St. Jude's ride, will ride for 16 miles, bring lunch, bonfire, hotdog weenie roast. Joint the ride, bring 50cents if that's all you have and ride with you. This weekend, regular fee is $18, it's $15 and singles are usually $12 and now is $10. Come on by and grab something to eat.

6th Broadcast: Chris Ann has been looking at the little ponies and the huge draft horses. They have live entertainment. Bluegrass and Gospel. Speakers coming up talking about alcohol used as gasoline. Make electricity for your own home. I have an agenda but I'm not going to tell you because nothing has yet worked out. They speakers are not yet here. Just come on down here. There will be speakers. Herbal medicines. Spinning. They have alligator here somewhere. Is there anything on a stick? Go Green Festival in the City Park right next to the Rodeo Arena. As we broadcast live on K Kountry 95.

7th Broadcast: If you can't make it out today, come out tomorrow at noon. You will find all kinds of interesting things. Solar, wind, geotherman. Bluegrass music is going on in the background. Lots of things for the kids to do. Norwax booth, Naomi and Charlotte, "Norwegian Experience is devoted to radially reduce the chemical products in homes by cleaning products and personal care. Microfiber cloth infused with silver, self santizing, will pick up 99% of bacteria so you don't need to use chemicals. Your house will be clean and chemical free." Charlotte, "We are looking for reps. Only 112 in state. My husband makes biodiesel and we have a white door. This is the only thing we have found that will clean off the oil. " Lots of food, lots of boothes. Found gator on a stick and in a box. And I found catfish."

8th Broadcast: Go Green is at City Park in Thayer right beside the Horse Arena. Perfect weather. Free to the Public. Get out of the house. Not many of these days left. Mike Slack "Go Green is about natural foods, alternative energy, and food. Mtn. View Belly Dancing demonstrating soon. We have a gentleman from Missouri State that is setting up a demo of all types of snakes. We have a windmill to generate electricity, a wood fired truck and a deep fried twinkie. Thayer Mammoth Spring Saddle Club has lots of food. Discount on memberships.Come by and see them today. West Plains Saddle Club has Oct. 29th Halloween Theme ride."