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Make Ever Green Boat Club America's most prolific rowing network!

Ever Green Boat Club welcomes men and women who currently race as Masters rowers or who plan to race as Masters rowers. We aim to compete at any given regatta across the country.

Masters rowing is a fast-growing sport encompassing a range of abilities, from beginners to elites, and a range of ages, upwards of 80 in some cases. From March through November, regattas take place nearly every weekend across the United States and overseas. Most regattas include both single-sex and mixed entries.

As a virtual organization, Ever Green Boat Club allows a qualified rower, whether affiliated with a club or not, to compete under its name.

If, for example, you're racing for a "bricks and mortar" club on the regatta circuit, select flights to row under Ever Green—and invite fellow Ever Greeners to race with you. If, on the other hand, you're not a member of a rowing club, contact the Ever Green network to locate various racing opportunities.

You can race in any boat-type: single (1x), double (2x), pair (2-), four (4-, 4+), quad (4x), and eight (8+).

To qualify for Ever Green participation, simply complete the membership form here. We'll contact you directly. This process allows you to demonstrate your connection to the college. Fees apply.