2012 Head of the Charles Regatta

posted Oct 24, 2017, 11:00 AM by Sydney Williams   [ updated Oct 24, 2017, 11:01 AM ]
Alumni Eight Men "B" Boat: 19th of 44

Alumni 8 "B" 2012 HOCR

1: Tanner Mathison '11, 2: Matt Fitzgerald '94, 3: Nick Lowell '93, 4: Jim Crawford '76, 5: Henry Spindler '92, 6: Mike Stanitski '92, 7: Marc Monplaisir '89, 8: Syd Williams '89, Cox: Dana Silberstein '08
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Alumni 8 Mens "B"
Going into HOCR 2012 we knew we had to challenge ourselves. We were boating a lineup that averaged 42 in age, and, other than the stern four which had rowed only once together before, would make its first trip as an 8 in the Friday practice. Our oldest member was 58 (a granddad), and our youngest 23, just a year removed from Hanover. Our graduation years spanned five decades: 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s & 10s...  
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Alumni Eight Men "A" Boat: 20th of 44

Alumni 8 "A" 2012 HOCR

1: Baxter Wasson '98, 2: Edward Demetriou '95, 3: Mark Nathe '02, 4: Brook Detterman '98, 5: Henry Luehrman '12, 6: Tom Stephens '01, 7: Nick Dawe '08, 8: Joshua Patch '09, Cox: Andrea Daley '12
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Alumni 8 Mens "A"
We had a crisp warmup and went through the start at a solid 32, rowing well together. We held that rating through magazine beach, maintaining our spacing with Brown (third overall) for the first mile.  

We took a move in the Powerhouse stretch, which enabled us to hold off a fast Cornell boat (6th overall) and get into good position for the Weeks and Anderson curves...
Alumni Eight Women: 3rd of 34

Alumnae 8 2012 HOCR

1: Keli Hvorecny '07, 2: Kate Davison '07, 3: Catherine Jarrett Kemp '02, 4: Eleanor Pascall '09, 5: Alison Tercek '11, 6: Jamie Chapman '12, 7: Hayley Daniell '12, 8: Sarah Alexander '10, Cox: Ashely Nowygrod '03
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Alumnae 8 2012 HOCR
The women's alumnae 8+ had an exciting race on Saturday. Our crew spanned 10 years, with women from the classes of '02-'12, and 4 seat Nell Pascall '09 coming all the way from London! We started 5th, just behind Ithaca and Yale, and ahead of Clemson. The conditions were a bit windy at the start as always, but we were hot off the line and started closing the gap between Ithaca and Yale right away...

Mens Masters 4+: 16th of 22

MM4+ 2012 HOCR

1: Savas Gunduz (UMass '95), 2: Jamie Snedaker '86, 3: Alex Simpson '89, 4: Greg Obenshain '96, Cox: Nate Dolphin (Univ. of Rhode Island '10)
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MM4+ 2012 HOCR
Our situation was a bit unique, in that aside from the stern pair, everyone else in the boat literally met each other for the first time as we were stretching out by the Dartmouth trailer before our race.  

"What's your name again?" was asked as often as "What stroke rate should we hold?" But we quickly learned that we were all experienced, having rowed in hundreds of races combined, and our coxswain was a HOCR veteran... Read full commentary here.