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2014 Head of the Charles Regatta

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Ever Green Boat Club Celebrates the 50th Annual Head of the Charles
  • Seven entries: three in the Men's Alumni 8+, two in the Women's Alumni 8+, one in the Men's Senior Master 4+, and one in the Women's Senior Master 8+.
  • Two medals: Women's Alumni 8+ (4th place), Men's Senior Master 4+ (4th place). 
  • Five decades: '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, and '10s. 
  • Broad participation: more than 70 alumni competed for Ever Green and other programs.
  • Four guaranteed entries in 2015: Men's Senior Master 4+, Women's Alumni 8+, Two Men's Alumni 8+.
Men's Senior Master 4+: 4th of 54
Senior Master 4+
With a guaranteed entry as bow #9, we carefully recruited Ever Green men of certain ages to exactly average the minimum of 50 years old. Stroke Scott Armstrong at 50 and ironman Jim Crawford at 60 allowed us to bring youthful Jeremy Howick (age 44) and Marc Monplaisir (age 46). We based a powerful 31 and moved on the crews ahead of us, passing Yarmouth and Bainbridge Island on the powerhouse stretch. Good luck, a few key power 20s and great steering by Kristy Abo got us through the passing and bridges cleanly. With a mile to go, Kristy gave us the goal of catching #6 Marin who had 2 lengths open on us. We shifted to 32 and wore that margin down, pulling to contact soon after the last bridge and getting open water in the last 5 strokes. Fourth place was good enough for medals and much excitement about getting faster next year to take a shot at winning. (Scott Armstrong)

C - Kristy Abo '12 / S — Scott Armstrong (Brown '86) "'05"/ 3 — Jeremy Howick '92 / 2 — Jim Crawford '76 / 1 — Marc Monplaisir '89 

Alumnae Eight "A" and "B" Boats: 4th and 32nd of 42 | Women's Senior Master 20th of 39
Alumnae "A" Boat
Women's Alumni 8+
Alumnae "B" Boat
Women's Alumni 8+
Women's Senior Master 8+
Senior Master 8+
The alumni race is always a blast, because everyone is competitive and prepared to crank her guts out, but there’s no pressure outside of what we put on ourselves. It’s funny how good our muscles’ memories are. The first few strokes were tentative, but we slowly started to gel, and by the time we got up to the starting line, we were starting to find some pop in our stroke.

We were bow #4…. And that’s where we stayed the entire race. We left bows #5 and on in the dust, but couldn’t seem to make up ground on bow #3. Jamie Chapman ’12 - our stroke - set a strong rhythm, and we did not let off the gas for a second. All our muscles were screaming by the time we crossed the finish line, but that’s part of why we race! I would say we had some moments when all eight rowers were exactly in sink – when this happens, the boat FLIES almost effortlessly through the water.

It was so wonderful to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and remember why I love racing so dearly. Already counting the days 'til HOCR 2015!

(Sarah Alexander. Read Sarah's full report here.)
"A" Boat: C -- Alex Stein ‘06 / S — Jamie Chapman ‘12 / 7 — Catherine Kemp ‘02 / 6 — Lillian Maguire ‘14 / 5 — Ali Tercek ‘11 / 4 — Kate Davison ‘07 / 3 — Molly Fales ‘08 / 2 — Sarah Alexander ‘10 / 1 — Kelli Hvorecny ‘07

"B" Boat: C — Sarah Kler ‘12 / S — Hannah Jeton ‘12 / 7 — Louisa Harrison ‘12/ 6 — Elizabeth Kahane ‘09 / 5 — Elizabeth Salesky ‘13/ 4 — Kate Lyon ‘05 / 3 — Ally Armstrong ‘13 / 2 — Claire McConnell ‘09 / 1 — Julia Saraidaridis ‘05

Senior Master: C — Laura Kasler ‘83 / S — Danielle Dyer ‘81 / 7 — Hallie Brooks ‘90 / 6 — Nancy Faigen ‘78 / 5 — Susan MacLennan ‘90/ 4 — Edie Farwell ‘83 / 3 — Holly Henson ‘82 / 2 — Meghan Sarbanis / 1 — Lisa Doucett

Alumni Eight "Lightweight" Boat: 12th of 55
Men's Alumni 8+
For the third consecutive year, 30 years of Dartmouth lightweight rowers from 6 states joined together in Bow 15 for a smooth and gritty race in sunny, breezy conditions. And for the first time, EGBC fielded three men's alumni 8's -- this was great to see. In the D150 alumni boat, helmsman extraordinaire Todd Griset ’99 returned from a year off looking svelte and hungry. Last year’s stern pair and bow pair were joined by four well-pedigreed, motivated, fit and pain-resistant oarsmen from classes running from ’84 to ‘12. We had a solid practice row but a scratch boat is always a bit of a mystery. We eased into the race over the first mile, with WPI in the starting position behind us and a Princeton 90s-era crew in front. As we came through River Street Bridge, our pressure started to come up and we watched WPI fall back. We took it up another notch past the reunion village and into the 3rd mile, keeping clear of the trailing crews, and not gaining enough to make contact with the Fat Cats. Todd scrubbed the buoys clean on every turn, shaving every possible inch off the course. Coming out of Anderson, he called an effective power 10...no 3rd mile sag today. It stuck with us. Todd tapped the superhuman strength of our starboards to crank us around and under Eliot Bridge, and we wound ourselves up to a clean 34-36. Eyeballs started throbbing and noises dimmed as we passed Belmont and dumped it all on the river to finish with good form, consistent power and great respect for the 11 crews that managed to get down the course faster. (Austin Whitman)
C — Todd Griset ‘99 / S — Austin Whitman ‘99 / 7 — Brian Frake ‘13 / 6 —Matt Muffelman ‘03 / 5 — Philip Henson ‘11 / 4 — Mark Lange ‘84 / 3 — Ian Accomando ‘11 / 2 — Christopher Cross ‘84 / 1 — Baxter Wasson ‘98

Alumni Eight "Heavyweight A and B" Boats: 17th and 30th of 55
Men's Heavyweight Alumni 8+
Bow 17 in the Mens Alumni Eight featured classes of 1989 to 2013, including a core three from the Row Like Pigs era. Off a quick start, we settled into a powerful 31 strokes per minute, and set our sights on crews immediately ahead. We passed bow 16 (WPI) after Anderson and marked our second target, bow 15 — our own Ever Green Lightweight Eight. Reilly Bertasi '13 steered an excellent course, moving us nicely around the big turn and through Eliot into the final sprint. With less than 700 meters to go, we upped our cadence to 33 but could not match the swifter lightweights. Congratulations to the former D150s on a great row. Fifteen other crews placed ahead of us. We're aiming for a strong showing in 2015 and adding to our tally of 38 crews that finished behind us. (Syd Williams)
Men's Alumni 8+

"A" Boat: C — Reilly Bertasi ‘13 / S — Syd Wlliams ‘89 / 7 — Nick Dawe ‘10 / 6 — Don Wyper ‘05 / 5 — Quincy Darbyshire '11 / 4 — Parker Lewis ‘05 / 3 — Shane Keane ‘05 / 2 —Gabe Mahoney ‘08 / 1 — Nicolas Giometti ‘11
"B" Boat: C — Ashley Nowygrod ‘03 / S — Nick Birasa ‘11 / 7 — Matthew Oatway ‘12 / 6 — Joe Polwrek ‘12 / 5 — Graeme Calloway '12 / 4 — John Strizich ‘14 / 3 — Max Goldberg ‘12 / 2 —Tyler Maloney ‘12 / 1 — Rahul Raina ‘14

2013 Head of the Charles Regatta

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[Alex Stein's FoDR Recap] [Row2k pics] [Results] [In-race video] [Even more photos!]

Ever Green Boat Club shines at the 49th annual Head of the Charles
Alumnae 8

  • Nine entries: two each in the Men's and Women's Alumni 8+ events, one in the Men's Senior Master 4+, two in the Women's Directors' Challenge 4x, and two in the Men's Senior Veteran 1x; 
  • Three medals: Women's Alumni 8+ (4th place), Women's 4x (1st and 3rd places); 
  • Seven decades: '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s, and '10s; 
  • Broad participation: more than 60 alumni competed for Ever Green and other programs.
Directors' Challenge Women's Quads : 1st and 3rd of 29
Women's 4x - B
Women's 4x - A
1st and 3rd in the DCW4x! Our "Daughters of Dartmouth" lineup of Judy Geer ‘75 (bow), Carlie Geer ‘80, Trina Olin Santry ‘80, and Emily Dreissigacker ‘11 won the event. Congrats to them! In 3rd with more medals (and the fastest raw time, first boat across the finish line) was the "Glory to Dartmouth" crew of Hayley Daniell ‘12 (bow), Sarah Rutter ‘13, Cath Jarrett Kemp ‘02, and Jamie Chapman ‘12. Special thanks to the Craftsbury folks for their support and equipment!

Alumnae Eight "A" and "B" Boats: 4th and 20th of 36
Alumnae 8 - A
Spanning 5 decades at Dartmouth (‘78 to ‘13), the Ever Green women turned out in force for the big boats on the Charles river. Our defending medalists passed Yale (again!) within one mile to avenge last year’s collisions and cranked hard to a 4th place finish, securing medals for the second year in a row. They also became cover-girls for the Boston Globe sports section with a huge front-page picture

Our new second entry, at average age 37 the oldest crew in the event, finished 20th (handily beating their starting position, 25th) and had the joy of passing multiple crews in the process. Well rowed, Women of Dartmouth. Special thanks to the current Dartmouth coaches and crews for supporting us and generously sharing equipment!

"A" Boat: C -- Alex Stein ‘06 / S — Sarah Rutter ‘13 / 7 — Kelli Hvorecny ‘07 / 6 — Cath Jarrett Kemp ‘02 / 5 — Ali Tercek ‘11 / 4 — Laura Gardner ‘10 / 3 — Molly Fales ‘08 / 2 — Kate Davison ‘07 / 1 — Sarah Cohan ‘12

"B" Boat: C — Ashley Nowygrod ‘03 / S — Elizabeth Salesky ‘12 / 7 — Nancy Faigen ‘78 / 6 — Holly Henson ‘82 / 5 — Susan MacLennan ‘90 / 4 — Ally Armstrong ‘13 / 3 — Anna Sjogren ‘06 / 2 — Sharon Dauson ‘09 / 1 — Christy Goodale ‘92

Men's Senior Veteran Single: 17th (Michael Welch '58) and 30th (Bruce Baggaley '63) of 42
Bruce Baggaley
Bruce Baggaley: I entered the Charles through the lottery, as there are so many guys who want to race their singles that only a fraction can be accommodated in any one year. And although I had raced it many times before, I was assigned bow number 42, next to last and in front of Larry Klekatzky, who has won more world championship and Olympic medals than any other US rower... [Read more]

Alumni Eight "Heavyweight" Boat: 15th of 42
Alumni 8 - Hwy
Bow 17 in the Mens Alumni Eight featured oarsmen from ‘12s through ‘89s, with a last-minute substitution due to an injury. We took off on a strong start at 34, settled to 32-33, and started moving on Cornell. Between Weeks and Anderson we were racing four abreast, having passed Cornell and a Northeastern boat, and being slowly overtaken by Hobart with an Olympian stroking. For the remainder of the race we faced a brutal back and forth battle of puddles, wakes, and steering, including going through Eliot with three boats across and no crashes, a testament to Greg Rolfes '09our coxswain. Dave Dragseth '93 moved it up to 36 in a great final sprint after clashing oars with Cornell and passing them for a second time, draining the tanks to the finish line. Due to our intimidating Ever Green Original spirit, we picked up a second on adjusted time and finished in 15th place, half a second ahead of the second Ever Green entry.

C — Greg Rolfes ‘09 / S — Dave Dragseth ‘93 / 7 — Quinn Harper ‘13 / 6 — Matt Gallira ‘12 / 5 — Hunter Dray '13 / 4 — Dan Perkins ‘97 / 3 — Brian Palm ‘94 / 2 — Syd Williams ‘89 / 1 — Marc Monplaisir ‘89

Alumni Eight "Lightweight" Boat: 16th of 42
Men's Alumni 8 - lwt

[Watch the lightweights race!] More than 30 years of Dartmouth lightweight rowing history were represented by Bow #20, from Christopher Cross ‘84 to Brian Frake ‘13. This was the second year EGBC featured a lightweight alum boat and we had 3 out of 8 guys coming back from last year. We rowed a clean race, with a strong start at a 32-33 and a settle to 30-31. Set was rock solid the whole way and we agreed later that it was tough to tell this crew had never rowed together. From the beginning we could see bows 21 and 22 getting smaller in the distance and we knew we wouldn’t have to contend with being overtaken. Yale (Blue Cheese) kept open water in front of us, but the gap narrowed over the course. Cox Todd Griset ‘99 navigated the turns masterfully. Shortly before the 2-mile mark we took a 20 to stay on it and powered through the spot where old guys often sag. The starboards cranked through Eliot and we brought it home with a sprint 50 to close out a solid performance, and kept up the EGBC tradition of neck-and-neck finishes between the 2 men’s boats.
C — Todd Griset ‘99 / S — Austin Whitman ‘99 / 7 — Brian Frake ‘13 / 6 — Josh Patch ‘10 / 5 — Nick Dawe ‘10 / 4 — Chris Woll ‘94 / 3 — Morgan Soutter ‘97 / 2 — Christopher Cross ‘84 / 1 — Baxter Wasson ‘98

Men's Senior Master 4+: 10th of 40
Men's Sr Master 4+
It was a bit of a scramble to assemble a men's four averaging 50+ years after getting the entry off the wait list three weeks ago, but the crew rowed well from our first strokes on Friday. Starting with bow #36, we set a strong pace at 30-31 and started moving on the field ahead of us. We passed our first crew just after the BU bridge, caught a 2nd on the powerhouse stretch and cut inside a 3rd under the Weeks bridge. Cox Kristy Abo kicked the rate up to 32 and we caught our fourth crew after the Elliot St. bridge. We pushed to 33 then 34 in the last 1/2 mile to finish the race aggressively and place 10th out of 40. This will give us a guaranteed entry next year and more than 3 weeks to prepare. It was a solid race from this crew - a mix of erg power and skilled technicians - and very fun for all involved.

C - Kristy Abo '12 / S — Scott Armstrong (Brown '86) "'05"/ 3 — Art Post '74 / 2 — Jim Crawford '75 / 1 — Peter Bogin '81

2012 Head of the Charles Regatta

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Alumni Eight Men "B" Boat: 19th of 44

Alumni 8 "B" 2012 HOCR

1: Tanner Mathison '11, 2: Matt Fitzgerald '94, 3: Nick Lowell '93, 4: Jim Crawford '76, 5: Henry Spindler '92, 6: Mike Stanitski '92, 7: Marc Monplaisir '89, 8: Syd Williams '89, Cox: Dana Silberstein '08
★ [Results] [Video: Search Bow #10 to watch collision in full]

Alumni 8 Mens "B"
Going into HOCR 2012 we knew we had to challenge ourselves. We were boating a lineup that averaged 42 in age, and, other than the stern four which had rowed only once together before, would make its first trip as an 8 in the Friday practice. Our oldest member was 58 (a granddad), and our youngest 23, just a year removed from Hanover. Our graduation years spanned five decades: 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s & 10s...  
Read full commentary here. 

Alumni Eight Men "A" Boat: 20th of 44

Alumni 8 "A" 2012 HOCR

1: Baxter Wasson '98, 2: Edward Demetriou '95, 3: Mark Nathe '02, 4: Brook Detterman '98, 5: Henry Luehrman '12, 6: Tom Stephens '01, 7: Nick Dawe '08, 8: Joshua Patch '09, Cox: Andrea Daley '12
★ [Results] [Video: Search Bow #3]

Alumni 8 Mens "A"
We had a crisp warmup and went through the start at a solid 32, rowing well together. We held that rating through magazine beach, maintaining our spacing with Brown (third overall) for the first mile.  

We took a move in the Powerhouse stretch, which enabled us to hold off a fast Cornell boat (6th overall) and get into good position for the Weeks and Anderson curves...
Alumni Eight Women: 3rd of 34

Alumnae 8 2012 HOCR

1: Keli Hvorecny '07, 2: Kate Davison '07, 3: Catherine Jarrett Kemp '02, 4: Eleanor Pascall '09, 5: Alison Tercek '11, 6: Jamie Chapman '12, 7: Hayley Daniell '12, 8: Sarah Alexander '10, Cox: Ashely Nowygrod '03
★ [Results] [Video: Search Bow #5]

Alumnae 8 2012 HOCR
The women's alumnae 8+ had an exciting race on Saturday. Our crew spanned 10 years, with women from the classes of '02-'12, and 4 seat Nell Pascall '09 coming all the way from London! We started 5th, just behind Ithaca and Yale, and ahead of Clemson. The conditions were a bit windy at the start as always, but we were hot off the line and started closing the gap between Ithaca and Yale right away...

Mens Masters 4+: 16th of 22

MM4+ 2012 HOCR

1: Savas Gunduz (UMass '95), 2: Jamie Snedaker '86, 3: Alex Simpson '89, 4: Greg Obenshain '96, Cox: Nate Dolphin (Univ. of Rhode Island '10)
★ [Results] [Video: Search Bow #17] 

MM4+ 2012 HOCR
Our situation was a bit unique, in that aside from the stern pair, everyone else in the boat literally met each other for the first time as we were stretching out by the Dartmouth trailer before our race.  

"What's your name again?" was asked as often as "What stroke rate should we hold?" But we quickly learned that we were all experienced, having rowed in hundreds of races combined, and our coxswain was a HOCR veteran... Read full commentary here.

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