I'm currently working mostly from home (telecommuting, they call it). I used to answer questions on Google Answers, where I answered a lot of computer questions. I can work my magic with your computer problems as well. Just
contact me at the email address on the main page, and tell me, as clearly as possible, what your problem is.
If you're getting error messages, please reproduce the exact text of the message(s). Tell me what your
Operating System (OS) is, what browser you're using, and any other information that might help me to assist
you in tracking down the cause and cure for your problem.

Given a clear idea of what your problem is, I will have a fair idea of how long it will take me to research the
problem, and I can give you an estimate of how much I will charge you. If it becomes clear that research or
our email dialog will take longer than I anticipated, I can let you know, and we can then negotiate a price that
works for both of us. The minimum for a fairly simple question is $10. A question that can be answered in an
hour or less is $20. If it will take me longer than that, I'll let you know, and we can negotiate from there.

My skills as a researcher are not limited to computer issues, by any means. I have 25+ years of experience
in the field of mental health;
I was an electronics technician in the U.S. Navy; I'm an accomplished amateur 
musician; I've found few mechanical devices I can't fix; and I know how to use Google in ways that would amaze
you. Feel free to browse the 750 answers I wrote for Google Answers while maintaining a rating of 4.7 out
of 5 stars:

So don't hesitate to email me with questions about issues other than computer problems. I can just as
easily research other topics, or provide sensitive and confidential counseling for relationship and other

I'm also a licensed Avatar® Master. Avatar® is a profoundly powerful course in human potential and personal
development, providing you with tools learned in a 9-10 day course which is primarily experiential. The tools
themselves are experiential, and empower you to create the reality you prefer, and discreate the roots of
experiences you would prefer to eliminate from your life. You can learn more about it at Star's Edge.

I currently accept secure payment through PayPal only, for your protection and mine. You may pay by
Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover, Instant Transfer from your bank account or deduction
from your PayPal balance.

You can sign up for PayPal here.

Or, I can send you an invoice by email.