When a few New Yorkers wander their way through a fairy circle into the magical land of Eventyr - a realm straight out of a storybook, complete with beautiful princesses, their dashing heroes, and woodland-creature companions - it seems, at first, to be a great adventure. A time-travel Netflix series, an immersive virtual reality game, or a weekend trip LARPing: slay a few zombies in the morning, save a damsel around dinner, unwind in the most authentic medieval inn and pub into the wee hours, and home for work by Monday morning.
However, when the King dies suddenly, the land is thrown into chaos. And, strangely, not just the political kind, where once-respected knights turn warlord, but also pestilence and disease plague the people. Our heroes have to face the fact that this isn't just an escape from the been-theres-and-done-thats of city life - there is more going on here, and their next quest may well be saving not just the Realm, but Earth as well. 

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