Eventful Bliss Gaming Group.

We play, we sing, we laugh, we kill things.

Welcome to the new site!

Expect this to be revamped many times, until
I get something thats worth keeping for a while.
Be prepared for some change of hosts as well. (google
sites are somewhat basic, but it does fine for the moment.)

Who we are.

Eventful Bliss is a gaming group. We run events for gamers across many different games and genres. These events consist of many different things, ranging from game nights, to board games, to roving screenshot hunting in mmo's and even debating.  We are mainly based off of our steam group, here. 

If you don't have much time on your hands or you don't want to commit to anything big, you can quite easily just stay in the group and join a event if you like the look of it if the time suits you.

If however you want to, you can easily run your own events within the group. There is great scope for expressing your idea of fun or even just to flex your bulging organizational muscles if you so wish.

The group is public so you can join anytime from here.

If you wish to contact me you can contact me on steam here.

If you wish to email me or if
I'm not online you can get me at eventfulbliss@yahoo.ie.


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