Audition Invitation

We would like to invite you to apply for "Tom&Jerry" Live Show Audition.
Tom & Jerry will be live on stage. Therefore, we are looking for talented and motivated performers to tour this show with us in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Turkey.
We're seeking comedic, physical and character actors for different roles. The roles are for mascot characters (similar to the mascots used at sporting events). 
Be prepared to move! 
Also, if you have any particular skills in circus performances, please bring the adequate props with you in order to perform your circus act (this act is not to be performed in the mascot costumes) Dancers are especially welcomed due to the physically demanding nature of this work. Experience with puppetry is an advantage as well as large-scale children’s theatre is too. 

If you think you match with one of the profiles below-mentioned, if you like to travel and join our international experience with Tom & Jerry, meet us for the following audition dates.

Dates & Venues

Audition venue: 
Sav taj glumac agency 
Marsala Birjuzova 1, 5th floor (intercom Marsal), Belgrade - Serbia
Info phone: +381 (0) 64 246 16 30 Aleksandra

Audition dates:
 27 & 28 September 2016
Recalls 29 September 2016

Rehearsals dates:
19 October – 25 November (possibility working some Saturdays) 

On the audition, performers should wear black and white clothes they feel comfortable to move in and soft footwear.
All additional details about venue and schedule will be sent to all the applicants by email.


Be part of a great experience, submit your application through the form here.
In addition to this form please send us your CV with a photo by email on

Character Breakdown

TOM 180-185cm (5’11-6’1”) The cat is a blue/grey domestic short-haired cat. Often gets the short end of the stick in his attempts to catch Jerry.

JERRY 160-165cm (5’3”-5’5”) The mouse is a brown domestic mouse, sharp and clever as he always escapes the clutches of Tom.

165-170cm (5’5”-5’7”) is an attractive white female cat, and is supposedly Tom's usual love interest in the series. In this show, she is the ruler of the Cats on Pawprint island.

BUTCH 180-185cm (5’11-6’1”) is the warrior leader of the alley cat bullies. Sometimes he’s friends with Tom but often not as he rivals Tom in leadership and affections for Toodles.

These three Cats always show up as a group with the comic relief of the three stooges. In this instance they are Butch’s henchmen.

TIN 168-173cm (5’6”-5’8”) who is a follower and tries to help without success.

PAN 175-180cm (5’9”-5’11”) is the street wise leader, the tallest one of all three.

ALLEY 162-168cm (5’4”-5’6”) is a true alley cat, a regular tough guy and the smallest one.

DROOPY 162-168cm (5’4”-5’6”) A Basset Hound often with a miserable look on his face but always with an ironic funny sensibility.

SPIKE 190-195cm (6’3”-6’5”) is a stern but occasionally dumb American bulldog who is particularly disapproving of cats, but a softie when it comes to mice

158-163cms (5’2”-5’4”) female mouse with a tough tomboy sensibility always up for an adventure. (new character)

BIG CHEESE this is a small but mighty mouse, the leader of the Mice area in Pawprint island. He will actually be a humanette (puppet) operated by 2 people so only approx. 3’-4’ tall. (new character) These 2 puppeteers will be swing-understudies for the other characters.

is a new character that will need to be very physical and a great mover, possibly with American/British accent and singing a bonus but will perform more likely with a mask. No specific height required, can be male or female. Additional skills such as juggling/tap dancing etc desirable.


For all additional information regarding your application please contact:
Info phone: +381 (0) 64 246 16 30 Aleksandra

Good luck!
EventBox Team