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Paws Under the Table

40 dog-friendly pubs and walks from Oxford to the Cotswolds

by Helen Peacocke

Illustrated by Sue Mynall

This book describes 40 of the best pubs across a beautiful stretch of the country from Oxford into Wychwood and the Cotswolds, where Helen and her companions (both human and canine) have found good beer, good food, a welcome for her dog, and fine walking.

To give the book an original and amusing twist, Helen has written it in two voices: hers and the dog's. After all, people and dogs see pubs and walks from entirely different points of view...

Helen Peacocke is a trained chef, a food writer for the Oxford Times and an award-winning beer writer who boasts that she has visited and reviewed virtually every pub in Oxfordshire and many beyond.

Her beloved border collie, Pythius-Peacocke, accompanies her on many of these visits, which always include a dog walk and (usually) a delicious pub lunch, which is why he is so well qualified to add his comments to the book. Together they have assembled forty of their best pub-lunch-and-a-walk experiences for this book.

Oxfordshire artist Sue Mynall has illustrated the book with delightful and witty drawings of Pythius, and the walks are also illustrated with many of Helen's own photographs.

Go to 'Attachments' below for a free download of the pub walks in Charlbury and Chadlington.

"A real winner" – The Witney Gazette

£9.99 paperback, 142pp paperback, with numerous photographs and drawings.
The Wychwood Press, 2009

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24 Nov 2009, 08:56