Discovering Wychwood: An illustrated history and guide

Discovering Wychwood:

An illustrated history and guide

Edited by Charles Keighley

The only comprehensive book about the royal hunting forest of Wychwood, almost exactly the area now  known as West Oxfordshire or the Oxfordshire Cotswolds. It serves as a history and guide and will interest people living here as well as visitors.

The book covers the history and natural history of the area, its legends, wildlife and folklore.

Topics include:
  • The medieval forest
  • Disafforestation in the 19th century
  • Local forest industries
  • Wychwood legends, stories and folklore
  • Flora and fauna
  • The Wychwood Project
  • Wychwood's historic landscape
  • Three guided walks
  • A gazetteer of the towns and villages of the area
The major contributors are Beryl Schumer, Kate Tiller, Christine Bloxham, Alan Spicer, Belinda Flitter, Richard Bidgood, Mary Webb, Vicky Price, Nick Dalby, Amanda Hopwood and Charles Keighley.

£8.99 paperback   162pp   photographs, line drawings and maps
The Wychwood Press, 2000
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