My future =)








Have you realized that most people think that the present is important, but they forget about the future. Well I believe in my future and I think my future is important. Its important because i'm going to depend on it. I believe on it because in my future I want to have a good job, go to a great college, and have a happy life.

  "If you dont think about the future you wont have one." That is one quote by John Galsworthy.I think that the quote is true because if you dont think about it you wont know what to do when you get there. I want my future to be filled with excitment, I want to be proud of it. All that  depends on is  on what I do now.

  In my future I want to go to college,like Stanford, get a good job, and enjoy life. Before doing all that I want to travel the world. I also would like to go to a cooking school and maybe open my own restaurant. In order to do what I want I have to work really hard.My future is important because I'll be able to accomplish some of my dreams.

  Another reason why my future is imporatant is because I don't want to work really hard to get a little bit of money ,and not enjoy life. My parents once said "Don't let anybody bring you down, succeed in life, so you won't have to suffer what were suffering." I see my parents work really hard just to give us what we want. They didn't finish school, so they can't get a good job, now they have to suffer working hard. I want to graduate highschool, go to college, get a great job, and make my parents proud.

   I think my future is important. I believe in my future. I also believe that everybody's future is  important no matter who they are or where they're from. I think about my future because if I don't then I won't have one. Maybe you should think about your future too.