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I am currently a PhD candidate at the Toulouse School of Economics. I mainly try to include expectations and beliefs into models of individual decision making and then try to test predictions using data about different everyday decisions from different countries. The fun part about it is that I often get to collect the data myself. 

Concerning my background, I grew up in Germany and did my undergraduate degree there (University of Tübingen). After an exchange year in Paris and an internship at the OECD I decided to make my France my place of residence, and moved to Toulouse in 2012. During summers, I try to travel and if time permits to gain some professional experience abroad. So far, I have done an internship at a German foundation in Peru and at a public policy company in India.

My current projects deal with religion and institutions in Ghana and marriage, fertility and education in China. 

The current draft of my paper "Children or Education, or Both? Fertility Prospects and Educational Investment in China during the One-Child-Policy" can be found here: 
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