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     Announcing 2015 SF area evapotron workshops

Did you know that every spring we hold one-day workshops to help burners build Gray-B-Gon evapotrons for their BRC camps?  Yes we do,
and we’re coming to that time and place:  Sun April 26 and Sat May 2,  in my back yard in Palo Alto.  There’s space and materials in each workshop to build ten devices, and plenty of room for helpers and friends.  We provide materials, tools and guidance; you provide a burnerish spirit and optionally food and drink.  The weather will probably be sunny, so bring sunscreen and a hat.

What's a workshop like?  It’s hands-on. It's like a party, but more focused; it’s like a class, but more fun.  For some participants, it's their first
experience of building something for Burning Man. You will likely learn some techniques with wood, wire, and other homely  materials that will have you thinking about future projects.

A third workshop will be scheduled for June in the East Bay; time and place to be determined.

I ask participants for a break-even $85 materials charge for lumber, hardware, fabric, aluminum sheet, bike wheels, etc. I forward the $12 wheel cost to the bike shops and co-ops that help us with usable wheels: thanks to Missing Link in Berkeley, SF Bike Kitchen, and Changing Gears in Alameda.   This is an amazingly good deal; compare it to the $200+ you’d pay if you bought materials at retail. Your materials  payment will secure your place in the workshop.   If you’re building two, the materials fee is $170.

Participation is free.  We’re limited to 10 devices, but there’s no limit on friends and co-builders.  If you have to cancel, you’ll get a prompt full refund.  I like PayPal, but cash or a check work as well.  Tell PayPal “family and friends” to avoid commercial fees.
To see what the Gray-B-Gon and several others devices look like, please visit www.evapotrons.info .

I invite builders to join me on the previous afternoon, to get a head start building trays (all drilling and screwing).  The next morning, 9AM, the workshop gets fully underway. Most participants will complete building in the afternoon, or before twilight gets too dim. If you leave early  to finish your device elsewhere, we have a checklist that will help you gather up the parts you’ll need.  And, you’re welcome to return and finish on a following day.

I have all the tools needed to build a Gray-B-Gon, but perhaps not enough to build ten at once, so bring your cordless drill, bits, bar clamps, bent-nose pliers, worktable, and any other favorite tools.

      *     A request to returning Gray-B-Gon builders, and

      *      Spare parts and TLC on Playa

I’d like to know how well your device worked last time you took it out to the playa. Any changes you’d suggest? Was it a benefit to your camp and to interactions with neighbors?  Or. . . do you feel like leaving it home to skip the effort of rounding up parts?  Over the years burners have produced hundreds of Gray-B-Gons, but many of these never show up again on the playa. We’d like to have them all on display, working, flashing, and entertaining.

Help is on the way!  Come to Camp Gray-B-Gon, next door to the Mayor’s camp in the Alternative Energy Zone, “AEZ.”  You will find floor liners, tulle, twine, stockings, zipties, and other parts at traditional Playa prices.

But that’s not all!  Pre-playa, if your device is sad or broken, bring it to one of the workshops and we’ll do our best to spruce it up.  If you plan to take advantage of this extraordinary offer, please send me a note so I can have the right materials in stock.

Signing up for a workshop:

To register, ask questions, etc., contact me at dry@evapotrons.info .  Please send the $85 parts fee to dry@evapotrons.info via PayPal.   Click “friends and family” to bypass the commercial fees.

I look forward to building with you!

Ember, aka Larry Breed


2011 Evapotron-building Workshops

posted May 5, 2011, 1:06 AM by Larry Breed   [ updated May 10, 2012, 3:37 PM ]

Evapotron workshops Mar-Apr 2015

posted May 2, 2011, 11:02 PM by Larry Breed   [ updated Mar 8, 2015, 11:33 PM ]

What's a workshop like?  It's like a party, but more focused; it's 
like a class, but more fun.  For some participants, it's their first 
experience of actually building something for Burning Man. You will 
likely learn some techniques with wood, wire, and other homely 
materials that will have you thinking about future projects.

We have two workshops scheduled for summer 2011, both in Palo Alto: 

Sun March 29, 10 spaces available.

Sat April 4, 10 spaces available.

There is a break-even materials charge of $73, and a set of three bike wheels will cost you $12 more.  Take a look at the "Materials Cost" page to see what a bargain this is. The $12 goes back to the bike co-op that provided the wheels:  thank you, Missing Link in Berkeley, SF Bike Kitchen, and

To sign up, or ask questions, email ember (at) burningman (dot) com.

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