Welcome to the web of the unknown vampire.

Welcome Dear Visitor,

 You have arrived to this "realm" with or without a purpose. In any case you are most welcomed, as I do not expect to receive anything from you.

This realm is like a dark garden were you will find a lot about me... the unknown vampire.

In this realm you may... 

Open my Biography to learn my story.
Display my Photos to see what I have become.
Tour My Blog to see my present and my future.
Swim through my Lyrics to decipher my secrets.
Travel to other sites in Links.

As the time passes, new sections will open for you to explore and enjoy; because that is my only wish... for you to dig my grave. 

I wish you a comfortable stay during your visit to my realm... but remember, you must leave before it's dark.

Thank you for stopping by.


Your Host