2nd Wednesdays at Ottos Shrunken Head, 538 East 14 Street, East Village, NYC at Avenue B

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Copycat Turtles Night
Dj Xerox and his special Guest DJ spin crazy covers and rocking remixes
PLUS Live music acts in the back room. Some
of your favorite artists play cover versions of their favorite songsa along with originals
Tonights bands
10- The Unrehearsed 
$5 Buzzsaw Cocktails all night!
at Ottos Shrunken Head, 538 East 14 Street, Near avenue B
9 pm to 5 am (really 4 am)
L Train to First Avenue

Thursday January 31, 2019
Take off your ascot and slip into something a little more comfortable
Turtleneck! A Retro Futuristic Playground
Join DJs Ursula 1000 and Xerox as we take a trip to back in time to the future!
...Fly with us at supersonic speeds as we take a groovy romp through space age pop, spy soundtracks, tv themes, exotica plus all the swingin tunes from Bedrock all the way to Orbit City.
Go-go action all night by Miss Honeybunny Moneypenny!
$5 Chamber of Dreams Cocktails all night!
10 pm to 4 am
Free At
Beauty Bar
231 East 14th Street New York, NY 10003
L train to 3rd Ave
*Black Tie Optional

Upcoming Copycats and other DJ Xerox Events

January 23, 2019-Turtles

February 13, 2019-The Fall

February 27, 2019-Tribute To Adam Buscek from Electric People

March 13, 2019-Roxy Music


Friday March 29, 2019-Los Angeles-Nuggets Theme, Los Angeles

Saturday, March 30, 2019-Copycat Cramps Night, Golden Tiki, Las Vegas, NV

Monday April 1, 2019 Copycat Nuggets in Oakland, CA

Tuesday April 2 2019-Copycat Cramps night at the Makeout Room, San Francisco.  

Wednesday April 3, 2019-Copycat at Forbidden island Alameda, the theme is Summer of Love

Friday April 5, 2019-Copycat Cramps night at Turn! Turn! Turn! in Portland, OR.  

Saturday April 6, 2019-Copycat Cramps/Damned Night at the Funhouse, Seattle, WA

April 24, 2019-Copycats Last Chance Part 1

May 8, 2019-Copycat Last Chance part 2-Last regularly scheduled Copycat for awhile.Tours and special events will continue.

View You Tube videos of past Copycat performances


Copycat Cover Song Night

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Copycat is a night of cover songs hosted by DJ Xerox of Trashy Travel.com.

Xerox spins in front, while bands play live sets that must be at least half cover songs.  Acts are NOT tribute acts, however a few unique cover acts are booked.  Find Dj Xerox at facebook.com/djxerox

Find videos at youtube.com/copycatnyc


Previous musical acts have included:

The Above

Baxx Sisis

The Bowery Boys

The Dead Betties

Captain Ronzo and the Thirsty Pirates

Cheap Sunglassezz

Cloud Blues

The Crusher

Damn Kids


Dead Phones

Des Roar

Dead Sparrow



El Muchacho

The Electric Mess

Electric People

Golden Error

Guitar Bomb

The Vesties

Madam Robot and the Lust Brigade


The WMDs


Kissy Kamikaze

La Otracina

White Widow

Maxx Klaxon

Naked Highway

Persephones Bees


Sprinkle Genies

St. Hollywood

J Hill and Hartling


Green Shirt

Good Mixer

Big Quiet

Church Bats

Cheap Sneakers

Group 7

Kendra Morris

Killah Pang

Lady Starlight

Lightning Kites

Love Pirates

Dylan Nirvana

The Mood

DJ Alfreako

Brereoke (Brer from New York Howl)

The Batorats (MYTVs)

Debbie Sassiver


The Sweet Ones


The Rats

The Spastiks

Tom Ward

Von Iva

Whiskey and Whores

Scream and Scream Again

Girl to Gorilla

Los Beardos Raviolis

Mr. Action and the Boss Guitars

Your Boyfriends Band Sux


The Doug Grey Band

Les Sans Culottes

Beki and the Bullets

Ghouls night out


The Never Evers

Nadia Kazmi

Sword & Slave


The Jay Vons

The Foxx

Morricone Youth

Screamin Rebel Angels

The Unpronouncable

The Riff Notes

Lex Loser

Pink Pompeii

Ash Gray

Quitty and the Don'ts


Jazz Conspiracy

Cloud Blues