Selected works since 2007.

Never a Dull Moment: The Memories of Reverend Dr. Alfred S. Dale, Jr. (2012, With Al Dale, Village Books Press)
Spilled Everywhere (2012) Pax Aeterna press
Veterans, Christ, & the Imperial Theology: A Liberation Project (Upcoming)
Iron & Ink: The Untold Veteran History of Human Thought (Upcoming)

Dumpster Love: Selected Gonzos, 2012-2015
Catch a Bird Home (2012)
Alpha Two-One (2010)

Feature Articles

 Valley Mennonites and the Lingering Consequences of the Civil War (2016) Shenandoah Mennonite Historian

Play Jazz! (2015) Adbusters

Violence, Technology and the Powers (2015) Vision

Mennonite Sunday School Curriculum for Veterans (coauthor, 2014) by T. Peachey & J. Boone

Shenandoah Confession of Faith (coauthor, 2014) Intercollegiate Peace Fellowship

Reimagining Prophethood From Within the Belly of the Machine (2014) Quaker Life

Conscientious Objection in the Iraq War (2014) MCC Intersections Magazine

Critical Introduction to Shenandoah Confession of Faith (2014) Anabaptist Witness

We Are All Victims of War: Veteran Liberation Theology (2013) Tikkun

"Numbers" issue, Crossroads Magazine (2013, with B.P. Lofton)

War Toys Devalue What is Good in Military Service (2013) Echo

Ayn Rand & Al-Qaeda: Two Voices, One Terrorism (2012) Counterpunch

A Brief History of Local Occupations (2012) AS Review

Why Every City Needs a Military Alternatives Program (2012) War Crimes Times

Stranger in a Strange Land (2011) Sojourners Magazine

Time to Revolt (2011) AS Review

The Jonah Effect (2011) Sojourners Magazine

 Why Western Needs a Sleep Center (2011) AS Review

Students, Get Active! (2010) AS Review


Journalism & Editorial


Book Review of Bernard Bowman: Oma Wenger Bowman (2016) Shenandoah Mennonite Historian

Don’t Buy Technological Idolatry, War Games (2014) The Weather Vane

Problems with Rape Culture Posters (2014) various

CCPJ Fall Peace & Justice Newsletter (2014) Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice

Altercations with Student Life a Matter of Ideology (2014) The Weather Vane

Into the Woods (A Response) (2014) The Weather Vane

Nonresistance, Civil Rights, and Mennonite Identity (2014) The Weather Vane

Interview with Dr. Lisa Schirch (2014) The Weather Vane

Royals Among Us (2014) The Weather Vane

The Ethical Problem of Drone Warfare (2012) Daily Progress

Open Memo to Whatcom Domestic Violence Commission (2012)

Re-imagining Flag Day (2012) The Daily Progress (with Kirk A. Bowers)

How Charlottesville Can Save the World: Part II (2012) Echo

 How Charlottesville Can Save the World: Part I (2012) Echo

 Please Be Seated (2012) Cavalier Daily

Vets for Peace: Iraq War Continues (2012) Bellingham Herald (with M. Jacobsen and C. Edrehi)

 Time to Transition Occupation Away from Lee Park (2011) The Daily Progress

Taking Them Downtown (2011) Cavalier Daily

The Heroism of Bradley Manning (2010) Common Dreams

The War on Class & Education (2010) Whatcom Watch

Students, Not Soldiers, Make the Difference in Haiti (2010) Western Front / CounterPunch

The Betrayal of Generation Hope (2009) Common Dreams

Profile of a Deserter (2009) Counterpunch

Protecting the Watershed (2009) Whatcom Watch

Pursuing Personal & Environmental Rehabilitation (2009) Whatcom Watch

Campus Activism: A Report (2009) Whatcom Watch

Skateboarding & PTSD (2009) Skateparks.org

 Response to “A Rat’s Tale” (2009) Discover Magazine

Acknowledge the Rights of War Resisters (2009) Seattle Post-Intelligencer

We Are Not Fighting For Freedom (2008) Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Guard Tower Statement on Stop-Loss (2007) Towerguard.org


Periodicals (Publisher)


Apocalyptic: Revelation (2016) The Sine Zine

Conservatism, Eastern Mennonite, and the Spirit of Progress [#2/9] (2015) The Sine Zine

Respecting the Bonnet [#2/8] (2015) The Sine Zine

Anarchism & Grace [#2/6] (2015) The Sine Zine

This side of Baghdad: dispatches from 2006 [#2/5] (2015) The Sine Zine

Missional Calling for EMU’s 2nd Century [#2/4] (2014) The Sine Zine

Assemblages of Thou [#2/3] (2014) The Sine Zine

The Twistifyin’ Bishop [#2/2] (2014) The Sine Zine

Pluralities of Becoming: An Essay By Thom Millary [#2/1] (2014 editor) The Sine Zine

Gayness and EMU [#1/10] (2014) The Sine Zine

“Last Words” [#1/9] (2014) The Sine Zine

Vibrant Actants [#1/8] (2014) The Sine Zine

Negative Dialectics [#1/7] (2014) The Sine Zine

Reading Jesus Against Jesus [#1/6] (2014) The Sine Zine

Free Day Away: An Army Mystery [#1/5] (2013) The Sine Zine

Tragedy / Farce (History Repeats) [#1/4] (2013) The Sine Zine

Nuclear Politics [#1/3] The Sine Zine

Gravitas & Agency [#1/2] (2013) The Sine Zine

The War Issue [#1/1] (2013) The Sine Zine


Academic Papers – Philosophy, Religion, History, Literature


Militarism in Christian Context Past & Present (2016) For Dr. D.F. Evans

Christians and the Civil Rights Movement (2016) For Dr. D.F. Evans

Rumi and Gospel Thomas: Comparative Sketches of Extracanonical Jesus (2015) For Dr. S.A. Akrami

Natural Ethics and the Plane of Contingency (2015) For Dr. C.E. Early

Grace and the Hegelian Gods of Contingency (2015) For Dr. C.E. Early

Adam Lanza, Travis the chimp, and the psychopathology of violence (2015) for Dr. C.E. Early

Work, Ethics, Meaning Being (2015) For Chad Gusler & Dr. Spencer Cowles

'Abd alKarim Surush and the Prophetic Imagination (2014) For Dr. S.A. Akrami

A Relational Polity of Martin Buber (2014) For Dr. Ted G. Grimsrud

“Eastern Mennonite & the Historical Imagination” visual art in EMU campus center, 2014-2015

The Practice of Spiritual Gonzoism (2014) For Rabbi Niles O. Goldstein

The Inertia of Food-matter and the Idiocy of the War on Terror (2014) For Dr. C.E. Early

Thou-ness, Exclusivity & Power (2014) For Dr. C.E. Early

Rockingham Peace Education: Analysis, Response, Proposal (2013) For Dr. Nancy Heisey

The Healing Practice of Philosophy (2013) For Dr. C.E. Early

A Sketch of Being and Desire (2013) For Dr. C.E. Early

A Nomadic, Prophetic Knowing (2012-2013) For Dr. C.E. Early

What Ideology?  How global capitalism hides its true intentions, even from itself (2013) For Dr. Peter Dula

Certainty, Like God, is Dead (2013) For Dr. C.E. Early

Science as a Will-to-transcendence (2013) For Dr. C.E. Early

Modernity as Subversion: a response to Adbusters (2013) For Dr. C.E. Early

Spirit is Narrative: Evolutionary Christian Emergence (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

Postmodern Landscapes: Cosmopolis & Unapologetic Theology (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

Reason Cannot Give Us New Ideas (and all the old ones are bogus): Hume the Barbaric (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

Critique of Pure Virginity: Libidinal Transfer in the Kantian System (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

God is not Dead (He's Been Let Go): Divine as Divestment (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

The [first-ever] list of veteran philosophers, theologians, artists and writers (ongoing, 5/2012)

A Mystical Math: Leibniz, Newton & the Mystical Philosophy of Calculus (2009) For M. Delzell, WCC

Cultural Anthropology of the Bellingham Skate Park (2009) For Dr. D. Coulet-du-Gard, WCC

Anton Chekov & Social Justice: A Critical Review (2009) Whatcom Community College

Pleasantville and Fascism (2009) For M. Falter, WCC

Berkowitz and LePage: Weapons and Aggression-Eliciting Stimuli (2008) For Carol Wilkinson, WCC

Universality in Oates' Tone Clusters (2008) Whatcom Community College


Academic Papers – Theology, Exegesis

Historicity and Story in Exodus 7-15 and 2 Samuel 9-20 (2016) For Dr. A.D. Saner

Enemy-love and Moral Vision in Didache 1:3 (2016) For Dr. D.F. Evans

Jacob’s Critique of Ideology: Gen. 25-36 (2016) For Dr. A. D. Saner

Toward a Deconstructive, Nonviolent, (Non-)Atonement (2016) For Dr. M. Thiessen Nation

Imagining Salvation: Critical Reading of Brenda Colijn (2016) For Dr. M. Thiessen Nation

Biblical Anarchism (2014) For Dr. T. G. Grimsrud

A Prophetic Vision of EMU Missional Identity in its 2nd Century (2014) For Dr. Linford Stutzman

Exegesis: The Cosmic Christ of Col 1:15-20 (2014) For Dr. Nancy Heisey

Jazz, Anarchy, Jesus: 3 Sketches (2014) For Dr. T. G. Grimsrud

Christian Anarchism (2014) For Dr. T. G. Grimsrud

Anarchism as the Way: A Non-Coercive God and His People (2013) For Dr. T. G. Grimsrud

With Undivided Hearts: God as (Political) Relationality (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

Violence & the Christ (2012) For Dr. C.E. Early

Academic Research – Scientific

Phytotoxic Effects of the Environmental Endocrine Disruptor Bisphenol-A on Brassica Rapa (2008) Dr. J. Rousseau

Never A Dull Moment