Honors & Awards

Eastern Mennonite University Dean’s List, 2012-2014

1st Place Prize, Haverim Writing Contest 2014

Davis-Putter Foundation Scholar, 2008

Adbusters OneFlag Design Competition Finalist, 2008

Washington (DC) Peace Center Peacemaker of the Year, 2007

Honorable Discharge from Active Service, 2007

Army Good Conduct Medal, 2006

Operation Iraqi Freedom Campaign Medal, 2006

Overseas Service Ribbon, 2006

National Defense Service Medal, 2003

Bonus Verse:

Musical Composition

Ascending to Heaven: Revelation 4 for String Quartet and Trumpet (2016) For Dr. Dorothy-Jean Weaver

Gibran’s The Prophet: Choral Compositions (2014)

The Waltzes (1-4) of Agustin Barrios Mangore, for string quartet, (2015-2016)

Mauro Giuliani: Guitar Sonata (Op. 71 Nr. 1) for violin duet (2015)

John J. Overholt: Church Hymnary selected arrangements for Brass (2015)

Arrangements for Brass, from Hymnal: a Worship Book (2014-2016)

Selected Arrangements for Woodwinds from Hymnal: a Worship Book (2014-2016)

Selected arrangements from Shaker Hymnal (2015-2016)

“For the Beauty of the Earth” EMU Wind Ensemble (2014)

Master Index of Hymnary Arrangements (2015)

Theater, Dramaturgy, Guerilla, Performance and Fine Art

“Moon Goddess” (2016) EMU performance installation art, with PJ Yoder, A.Y. and A.M.

“Low in the Red We Lay” (2016) EMU performance with PJ Yoder

“Hartzler Library is Now the Temple Mount” (2016) EMU installation art, with PJ Yoder

“Make EMU Plain Again” (2016) EMU installation art, with PJ Yoder

“Martin Chapel Hyperbolic Sine” (2016) EMU installation art, with PJ Yoder

“What is the Real?” (2016) EMU installation art, with PJ Yoder

“Good News Bible” (2016) EMU installation art, with PJ Yoder

“Mennonite Historiography” (2014) Ink on paper, EMU Campus Center

2013 Mennonite Convention, EMU theater, lightboard programming and operator, set construction

Arms and the Man, EMU theater, light operator, set construction 2013

No Roosters in the Desert, EMU theater, light operator, set construction 2012   

Dumpster Love: Selected Gonzos, compiled sketch comedies: dramaturgy 2012-2015

Catch a Bird Home (2012) dramaturgy

Alpha Two-One (2010) dramaturgy

WWU Guerrilla Theater, Mockupation – devised political theater: actor, dramaturgy 2008

Caught in the Act, CATEC PTv, sketch comedy: actor and writer, 2001-2003

Periodicals (Publisher)

Apocalyptic: Revelation (2016) The Sine Zine

Conservatism, Eastern Mennonite, and the Spirit of Progress [#2/9] (2015) The Sine Zine

Respecting the Bonnet [#2/8] (2015) The Sine Zine

Anarchism & Grace [#2/6] (2015) The Sine Zine

This side of Baghdad: dispatches from 2006 [#2/5] (2015) The Sine Zine

Missional Calling for EMU’s 2nd Century [#2/4] (2014) The Sine Zine

Assemblages of Thou [#2/3] (2014) The Sine Zine

The Twistifyin’ Bishop [#2/2] (2014) The Sine Zine

Pluralities of Becoming: An Essay By Thom Millary [#2/1] (2014 editor) The Sine

Gayness and EMU [#1/10] (2014) The Sine Zine

“Last Words” [#1/9] (2014) The Sine Zine

Vibrant Actants [#1/8] (2014) The Sine Zine

Negative Dialectics [#1/7] (2014) The Sine Zine

Reading Jesus Against Jesus [#1/6] (2014) The Sine Zine

Free Day Away: An Army Mystery [#1/5] (2013) The Sine Zine

Tragedy / Farce (History Repeats) [#1/4] (2013) The Sine Zine

Nuclear Politics [#1/3] The Sine Zine

Gravitas & Agency [#1/2] (2013) The Sine Zine

The War Issue [#1/1] (2013) The Sine Zine

Music Performance

EMU Wind Ensemble, Principal Tuba and 2nd Euphonium, 2016

Lindale Mennonite Church, trumpet, trombone 2016

Shalom Mennonite Congregation, Easter Brass Ensemble, arranger, trumpet, 2016

EMU Wind Ensemble, principle trumpet 2012-2015

EMU Jazz Combo, solo trumpet, 2013-2015        

Handel’s Messiah trumpet, Mouret’s Trumpet Suite, Solo Performance, EMU Gala 2014

Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival (bass/baritone, chorus) 2014

Director and trumpet, EMU Brass Ensemble, 2014

EMU Orchestra trumpet, 2014-2015

Charlottesville Albemarle Youth Orchestra, brass instruments, 2002

Albemarle District Honors Band, first trombone, 2000-2002