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Carbon Footprinting and Energy Analysis Tools

Developing the next generation of web-based energy calculators, and providing on-line energy efficiency content to a range of audiences.

  • The Home Energy Saver — The first web-based interactive residential energy calculator
  • Action-Oriented Benchmarking — New methodologies for buildings energy benchmarking. Includes a web-based tool for non-residential buildings, EnergyIQ
  • CoolCalifornia carbon calculator — a comprehensive carbon footprint calculator for homes and businesses
  • HVAC Primer — A suite of Computer-Based Education tools, supports a new advanced curriculum in Environmental Control Technology (ECT) being developed for Laney College under an NSF ATE grant
  • Laboratory Fume Hood Energy Calculator — A one-screen calculator allowing user to vary important energy-performance attributes and select locations (climates) from around the world
  • 20% Solution Website — A simplified residential calculator to help California homeowners take advantage of special incentives for energy savings