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  • Applications Team — a special activity within LBNL to transfer new, proven energy-efficiency strategies from the research arena into practice.
  • The Business Case for Energy Efficiency — analysis and popular communications about the logic and value of energy efficency.
  • Carbon Footprinting and Energy Analysis Tools — developing the next generation of web-based energy calculators, and providing on-line energy efficiency content to a range of audiences.
  • Climate Change Vulnerability and Impacts — synthesis and modeling studies of climate change vulnerabilities, impacts, and scenarios.
  • Commissioning — construction of the world's largest database case studies that document the cost-effectiveness of quality assurance in commercial buildings.
  • Energy Crossroads — an extensive listing of energy-efficiency sites across the globe and across the Internet.
  • Energy Education — web-based exercises for middle- and high-school students, based on using an on-line home energy simulator. Curriculum-development project for community college level building operator education.
  • Gaming - analysis and savings potential associated with energy use of computer gaming
  • Green Appraisals - analyses and policy recommendations for improving the consideration and assessment of green and high-performance considerations in residential and non-residential real-estate appraisals.
  • High-Performance Facilities for High-Tech Industries — addressing an historically overlooked opportunity for energy management via a constellation of projects including benchmarking, best-practice development, software tools, technology development, and field demonstration and deployment.
  • Insurance and Climate Change — assessments of the implications of climate change for the insurance industry, and documentation of the responses and new opportunities.
  • Lighting Markets & Energy Efficiency — exploration of technologies and programs for promoting energy-efficient lighting in both on- and off-grid contexts.
  • Risk Management and Non-Energy Benefits — research and deployment focused on the intersection of energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies with non-energy issues ranging from enhanced real-estate valuation to disaster preparedness.