Cedar Rapids Flood Aftermath 2008

Photos from the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area since the flood


Weeks have turned to months since the June 2008 floods.  As you drive through the flood-affected areas, you can see some homeowners rebuilding, but in most cases, the homes have been abandoned.  If the home is in the 100 yr flood zone, there is a chance the city/state may buy out the owner.  However, the money and help has been slow to come.  Decisions are being made on a flood levee and/or flood wall system, but it will be years before it is built.  If your home is on the wrong side of the flood levee, why would you want to rebuild?

This page has photos taken in the July to November 2008 timeframe.  It is obvious that it will be a long time before the scars from the flood will be removed.


For photos during the flood:
Cedar Rapids Flood 2008

Inside the Cedar Rapids Main Library.  The building has been cleaned, but it will be years before the library can return.  All 250,000+ items on the first floor were destroyed in the flood.

Another photo of the interior of the library.  Water levels reached over 5' deep on this floor.

Abandoned car in Palo, Iowa (just west of Cedar Rapids).  The entire town was under water during the flood.  This car was on the south end of town, near a neighborhood that had 3-4' on the first floor of their homes.

Collapsed rail bridge at 8th Ave.

Another photo of 8th Ave rail bridge.

Another photo of 8th Ave rail bridge.

Business in Little Bohemia section of Cedar Rapids.  The business owner has been rebuilding this structure.

Interior of the Czech Museum.  Water was to the roof line of this fairly new building.  The Museum plans to return.  Luckily, many items were removed prior to the flooding.

Home on 100 block of 1st street SE.

Home on 100 block of 1st street SE.

Home near Czech Village.  Note the waterline on the home.

Another home in the Czech Village area.

The Czech Village area was especially hard hit by the flood, with water reaching 8-10' deep. 

The Time Check area (west of the Quaker plant, west of the Cedar River) was also hard hit.  These older homes will likely never be repaired. 

Home in the Time Check neighborhood.

Home in the Time Check Neighborhood.

This home overlooked the Cedar, but took the brunt of the flooding.

This home was south of downtown Cedar Rapids.  The flood floated the home off its foundation, but got caught on the power pole.  It was torn down in November.

Home near the CSPS Theater.  Photo taken in October, 4 months after the flood. 

Home in Little Bohemia. 

Home in the Little Bohemia section of Cedar Rapids.  This dead end street was hard hit...  it doesn't look as though anyone is working on these homes. 

Photos during the flood

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