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This site contains various bits and pieces that wouldn't fit on my cedar-rapids site.  However, I've moved my entire site to sites.google.com, as listed below.

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 Obituary Clippings:
Taggart Obit Clippings

Rushville Nebraska Class of 1975 through the years:
Kindergarten to 8th Grade

Cedar Rapids was hit by a devastating flood in June of 2008.  I've assembled a selection of my photos at the following pages:
Cedar Rapids Flood 2008
Flood Aftermath 2008

Photos from our trip to Rushville Nebraska:
Scenes of Western Nebraska

Photos from this year's
Quad Cities Airshow 2008, featuring the Blue Angels.

Welcome to the Google version of the Hindman Homepage!

Note:  After years at cedar-rapids.net\hindman, I've had
had to move my site to sites.google.com:

Claude and Elsa Hindman
with sons Ivan (left) and Vernon (my dad).
Photo taken mid-1930s on farm NE of Hay Springs, Nebraska.