My Part With

Baptist International Outreach

One of my geatest joys and one of the greatest parts of my ministry is the work that I do in connection with Baptist International Outreach. I am called their Director of Enrichment and Evangelism. This has given me the opportunity of doing many different things with BIO. Sometimes I have a direct part in one of their national gatherings where many of the missionaries that are home from the foreign field will gather. Many times there will also be pastors from involved or interested churches at these meetings who have chosen to be there for the blessings of the meetings. These meetings have always been a tremendous sources of great encouragement. They are alway a wise choice for any pastor who wants to get away for a short two or three days for a real refreshing time.

Some times I have had the opportunity to go to a foreign field to be a help to the missionary there on the field with a bible conference or special informational seminar. 

Reaching Our World Video (See this13 minute video about the burden of our ministry)

We have seen that the missionaries on the field are in great need of encouragement from the folks here at home

Every where we go in Evangelistic Meetings, Revivals, Mission Conferences and just about everything we do, we try to use that opportunity to speak of Baptist International Outreach where it is appropriate and not in conflict with the pastor where we go. We try to provide informatin about BIO to churches and potential missionaries.

This involvement with BIO has caused my ministry to develop in a very welcome way toward missions and as a result the number of mission conferences that I have been the keynote speaker has increased dramaticly. 

I would encourage you to click on the BIO logo above and visit their web site to get a more complete picture of what Baptist International Outreach is all about.