Letters of Recommendation
Lighthouse Baptist Church
Hillsboro, WI
Pastor Kevin Lawver
It was our privilege to conduct evangelist meetings with Brother Bill Blount as our special speaker.  He and his wife, Bonnie came and spent almost a week with us and were a genuine blessing to our church family.
Brother Blount’s sincerity and burden for lost souls was evident immediately and his passion for God’s Word is refreshing.  He delivers the message of the Gospel with God-given authority. 
Brother Blount was a personal blessing to me for his years of experience as a church planter and pastor as he was willing to share
with me the wisdom that God has given him through his many years of service.  He is a man who has dedicated his life to the work of the ministry, persevered in a challenging environment, and has proven to be steadfast to his calling.  He does not compromise nor is he ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He shares the joy of His Lord and Savior as he ministers with the gift of music as well.
Brother Blount has been blessed with a wonderful helpmeet, his wife Bonnie.  She exhibits a genuine servant’s heart and her quiet, sweet spirit was such a blessing to my wife and the other ladies in our church.
I sincerely recommend and encourage you to consider Brother Blount for a week meetings at your church.  We saw two genuine conversions during his week with us and we are still reaping the rewards of his partnering with us to get the Gospel
out to our community.
God Bless You,
Pastor Lawver
Dr. Charles F. Keen

Recommends Dr. Bill Blount

It is my privilege to recommend to you Dr. Bill Blount. I have known him since 1966 when we were school mates at Midwestern Baptist College. I have followed his ministry since those faraway days and have had him in for ministry on more than one occasion while pastoring at the First Baptist Church of Milford, Ohio.

What I have observed about Dr. Blount is:

1. His stability. Bill is as he has always been a fundamental Baptist. In this day of vacillation and forward thinking he is stable and looking toward the Bible way of ministry.

2. He has the kind of wife required for ministry. Bonnie is a great helpmate and has over the years proven to be "one helping another to become what he cannot become alone".

3 .He, like the apostle Paul, is also a multitalented man. He is an accomplished musician, a God-called evangelist with the necessary gifts for effectiveness and has a missionary heart which is evident in the fact he delights in holding Faith Promise Missions Conferences. Time would fail me to tell you of his moral and doctrinal purity. Sufficient to say he will always help the church where he is allowed to minister.

I recommend Brother Bill highly first of all because of his Christian character, then because of his highly developed gifts and talents.

Dr. Charles F. Keen
Director of FirstBible International


Emmanuel Baptist Church

Dr. Tom Malone Sr. Pastor

Founder and President

Midwestern Baptist College

   I am happy to recommend Dr. Bill Blount To you.  He is a fine godly man with many years of experience.  He is a capable preacher and a great singer.

                 Yours in Christ

                 Dr. Tom Malone Sr.

Hillside Baptist Church

Pomeroy, Ohio

Dr. James R. Acree, Sr. Pastor


                 I would like to thank you and your wife for coming down and spending your time with us this week.

                 On behalf of Hillside Baptist Church, I also want to thank you for taking your time to share your tremendous knowledge of music with us.  We are very excited about the many things you have taught us during this short period of time.  We are going to apply the lessons we had and I am sure the outcome will be beneficial for all of us.

                 We have had a wonderful week of blessings and we thank the Lord for all you have done.  May God continue to bless you both and we look forward to the time when we can be together again.

Love in Christ,

Dr. James R. Acree Sr.