Yellow Dog Linux on PS3 Phat

Do you have an interest in utilizing the other os feature of the Playstation 3? The other os feature lets you add an alternate Linux based operating system to your Playstation 3 giving it much of the functionality you would find in a desktop computer. Yellow Dog Linux is a distribution of Linux that has been developed exclusively for the PPC architecture and has been further tweaked for the Playstation hardware making it a compelling option for your Playstation 3. You can browse screen shots and videos of linux in action using the navigation menu on the left side of this page. In the featured screen shots and videos you can see what Linux on the Playstation 3 can do. The additional capacities garnered from a linux install involve such things as playing old school video games, downloading bittorrent files, writing documents and more. Enticed? Also on the left you will find a link to my YDL guide which will show you where to download Yellow Dog Linux and help you set up all that you see in my videos and screen shots.

Good Luck.


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Evan G,
Dec 20, 2009, 11:33 AM