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The Fatal Mistake of Theories

There exists an ERROR in All mainstream Physical Theories:  Integration out of boundaries
The consequence of this error is such that we failed to see that Matter Evanesce thru time.
Integrations extending to out of the light-cone originated by  the begining of the universe are common in all theories.
Electrodynamics, Quantum Electrodynamics (QED), QM Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, calculate values using integrations over all space,  using distances from zero to +infinity or time intervals from -infinity to zero.
In a universe with a beginning such infinite intervals are not available.

Electromagnetic and gravitational  Growing fields imply the evanescence of matter

The Evanescence Theory: a new model

by A. G. Oliveira and R. Abreu  

   -  Cosmological Principle and Relativity – Part I
  - A relativistic time variation of matter/space fits both local and cosmic data  

The End of The Dark Era of Cosmology

This shift of perspective is so radical that we can end the search of any Dark Matter, any Dark Energy, Space Expansion,  Big Bang, etc.

All theories integrate out of limits, with 
erroneous  conclusions

The detail of a propagating electrostatic and gravitostatic field