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Fun time in the International Geroscience Symposium in Shenzhen, China. 


New, Norwegian aging center with Professor from Center for Healthy Aging in front

2018-11-15 NAD+ and the anti-ageing pill in VG+, one of the largest newspapers in Norway, today.

2018-10-29 week: Evandro Fang was doing a 'Short visiting Scholar programme' at the University of Macau hosted by Prof. Garry Wong.

2018-10-23: Sofie Lautrup gave an excellent talk in the Oslo Autophagy SuperGroup meeting.
Picture: Dr. Guofeng Lou

2018-04-24: Welcome of the new members of the team

2018-02-15: Talk at Radiation Biology Center, Kyoto University 京都大学, Japan, hosted by Prof. Minoru Takata

2018-02-09: Welcome dinner for our new postdoc Dr. Yahyah Aman who just finished his Ph.D. at King's College London

(Mahdi, we will make one for you after your return back from Oxford University)

2017-11-14: A mitophagy-inducing compound from green tomatoes with anti-aging potential

2017-09-29: Postdoc positions open

2016-10-14: NAD+ replenishment inhibits aging phenotypes in a DNA repair deficient disease (Fang EF et al., Cell Metabolism 2016)

2015-07-19 Gordon Conference on the Biology of Ageing